Thursday, September 9, 2010



1. He is chewing his crib up like crazy. And he is doing it with his SIX teeth! He got 2 more within the last week and he is really going to town on the top rail of his crib. He has chewed off a large section of the finish and he keeps moving down further.

2. He has a horrible gag reflex (which he gets from me- I dry heave at the mere thought of taking the garbage out) Any time I give him a new food, the consistency makes him gag. This week, it was Stage 3 Spaghetti. He was not a fan.

3. He is starting to recognize his name. It takes me a time or two of saying it but he will turn his head. And I tried to do it with saying another word or Emma's name but it was always his name that he turns his head to.


1. She has an obsession with our office. If she takes off down the hall, she has the option of our bedroom, the nursery or a bathroom and she always chooses the office. She makes a beeline towards the area next to our computer where I keep the baby book stuff and starts rifling through it. Its so funny!

2. She has the cutest laugh. Its a cross between a squeal and a cough and she does it all the time, especially if you tickle her.

3. She loves picking things up with her little pincher fingers. She is constantly picking up small items off the carpet (which reminds me, I need to vacuum but both kids scream the second I turn it on) and she also tries to pick freckles off of my arm.

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Krisy said...

They are getting so big, can you believe 9 months is coming up!!!! I don't blame Josh for gagging on the stage 3 spaghetti, have you tried it, its awful, my kids hated it!