Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have a couple TIDWTF items for today but they pertain to both Emma and Josh so I will be putting them together this week.

1. They are becoming more interested in playing with regular items around the house. Their new favorites this week? An empty paper towel roll, an empty Powerade bottle and packages of diapers. I try to entice them with all of the toys they have but they seem to be drawn to these other items. The remote and the phone are still favorites, too.

2. The other night I made pasta with some veggies in it and Emma and Josh eyed me the entire time I ate it. So I cut up a couple of the rigatoni noodles and some of the squash and put it on their trays and they loved it! Josh ate 8 noodles and Emma ate 6. The whole time they ate, I just couldnt believe that my little babies are now eating pasta.


The Lane Family said...

I love their little expressions. Emma's is so cute it it like..."NOt me mommy"!!

That is so cute about pasta and how they loved it. My kids are all about pasta now in any shape and with just about anything on it!!

As for things that they love to play with...that is so funny. Jim and I often say that we might as well give our kids, rocks, sticks and empty containers because they LOVE them more than their toys!!

Mrs. Hoppy said...

They are getting so big! Love the pictures as usual! If you have time check out my blog, I nominated you for an award!

Sarah C said...

The love of everyday things (while $16k worth of toys sit idle) will continue for a while.

They're so big and adorable!

Megan said...

LOVE the photos!
Its like the old saying goes, spend big money on the toys and they want to play with the box. Anthony likes to play with anything that gets taken away from him (remote, phone, paper ANYTHING, etc) when he has a huge pile of toys that takes up 1/4 the living room. Kids I tell ya!
How awesome is that! They ate pasta and veggies (and it wasn't out of a jar or pureed! lol). That's so awesome! I've been thinking about doing the same, but haven't had the ambition. I think knowing how J & E liked it, I might have more reason and energy to.
Little side note. how are they coming on standing and nearing walking?