Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Steppin'

Emma took a couple steps yesterday! I sat a few feet from her as she stood at the ottoman and she took one step, two steps and then fell into my arms. It was so precious. After she did that, I decided to let her try a push walker and she did great with it. We took a video and of course once the camera was rolling, she didn't do that great with the walker but you can get the idea. And Josh? I tried to get him to take a step but he looked at me, looked at the ottoman, looked at me and then plopped down and crawled to me. Maybe someday soon :)

Oh and my outfit and hair in the video? Please disregard. I played Stay-at-home-mommy with Emma and Josh yesterday and that's as good as it gets when Im home!


Lindsay said...

So exciting!

Jeannie said...

Way to go Emma!! She looks long and lean. I love how Josh is content playing with his toys in the gate while she's out. The boys have a FIT F.I.T!!! when one is out and they aren't.

Amy said...

Too cute! She'll be walking in no time and then you'll never sit down again. :)

Megan said...

LOVE IT! She's so cute trying to walk with tippy toes! Its also so much fun to see them walking around so well with a walker. You'll really love it when they start showing signs of wanting to stand up without pulling themselves up. Anthony does this tripod thing on his toes and head. SO cute!
She'll be walking so well soon! Then the real excersize begins.