Thursday, October 28, 2010



1. Emma and Josh are turning into pretty good eaters. We had a lot of rough patches once we switched to all bottles but now they do great. They still have 3 bottles per day (24 oz of formula) but they also eat 3 meals. This week, they tried two new things- Fish and green peppers. They liked both!


1. She has been doing a lot of fake crying. (well, a lot of real crying too!) But she will put her little lip out, and sob but then look at me like she is saying "what are you going to dooooo about it?" Its pretty funny.


1. He loves to throw any and all items from his high chair. Food, toys, sippy cups, anything. Guess who ends up crawling all over the floor to pick them up?

I am excited for Halloween this weekend. We will take a bunch of pictures of Emma and Josh dressed up so we can reveal their costumes. Hope everyone is getting ready for a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see them in their costumes.

PS: Changed my blog if you want the link