Thursday, October 21, 2010


The thing I don't want to forget today about Emma and Josh is not a specific thing. Its more like a feeling. I don't want to forget how I feel right now. Its a mix of exhaustion, excitement, amazement and did exhaustion all rolled into one.

Exhaustion because of all the things I am doing- between Emma and Josh, work and the rest of my life, I am tired! Excitement because of all the fun holidays coming up. I can't wait to watch E&J as they get to experience the joy and the love that comes from the holiday time. I am also planning special things for them around the holidays and their birthday. And Amazement because I just can't believe how much they have changed and grown in the past year. They amaze me every day with the new things they learn and just how sweet and funny they are.

Things aren't always easy and I often need an extra cup of coffee but its worth every single second.