Friday, November 5, 2010

If I...I Will

I was contacted by RedCouch PR to participate in a Virtual Book Tour for If I…I Will by Debbie Sutton Covington. After reading the synopsis of the book, I knew I wanted to participate by sharing my own Mark 5 Story. Thank you for stopping by to learn more about this book and to read my story. Please leave a comment if you’d like a copy of the book. I would love to send one lucky commenter my copy of the book.

The book If I…I will is an insightful look at the suffering woman in Mark 5 whom Jesus healed. Debbie reminds us that just like that suffering woman, we must step past our suffering, the words we may hear, our own thoughts, and the crowds around us to reach for Jesus. What if we reach Jesus? Will He change our lives forever? Will He heal us? Yes, indeed! Maybe Jesus won’t follow the way we envision the healing or the change to happen, but faith in Jesus will forever change us. So, step out and reach for Jesus’ hand, and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Here is my Mark 5 Story. When I graduated from the sixth grade, I got my first job babysitting for a couple neighborhood children. I remember how much I enjoyed planning activities and spending time with them. I poured my heart into what some people considered a way to make a couple bucks an hour. But for me, it was so much more. It was preparing me for what I felt would be the greatest honor of my life. To be a mother.

I am a planner and I planned when I wanted to get pregnant. My husband and I wanted to be married 5 years before we had a child and I could not bear the thought of being pregnant while in graduate school, so we waited until the time was right. In June of 2007, just days after I finished school, we started a journey that would forever change our lives.

The first few months of trying to get pregnant were filled with excitement and anticipation. After the first year, I began to worry. As I neared the second year, I was filled with a sense of dread. Through my journey to have a child I struggled with despair, hopelessness and pain. It was not until I turned over my pain to God that I began to feel peace with the journey.

I remember a conversation I had with my mom as I left the doctor’s office after almost two years of trying to get pregnant. At that appointment, my husband and I had decided to move onto Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI.) I told my mom that I was scared. I was scared that I would put myself out there and that the procedure would not work. I asked my mom “What if it doesn’t work.” My mom’s answer was simple. She said “And what if it does?”

In the book If I…I Will Debbie Covington illustrates a woman in the bible that wrestled with the "What Ifs" in her life She struggled with her suffering and with her pain. But because she stepped out and reached for Jesus, she found healing. She moved past what was holding her back, outside of her comfort level and found comfort in Jesus.

The story in Mark 5 reminds me of the trust I put in God during my journey to become a mother. Through prayer, scripture and lots of tears, I realized that God's plan for me was greater than anything I could every understand. The trust I put in God continues to be at the forefront of my life as a wife, daughter, sister and as a mother.

So What If you trust him with whatever is troubling you in your life?

Debbie Sutton Covington writes and speaks on women in the church. She is also the founder of Journey of Sisters, a ministry that encourages women in their walk in faith through weekly devotionals, monthly newsletters, and fellowship opportunities. Debbie and her husband Kenny and their dogs live in Shreveport, Louisiana. You can purchase her book on Amazon.


The Lane Family said...

What a great post Shannon and what a great book you have described.

I know as Jim and I have dealt with many challenges and trials including the loss of our daughter, miscarriages and infertility...we have learned to lean on the Lord and trust in him. We also have taken the following motto's and used them in our life..."if the Lord brings you too it he will bring you through it" and "sometimes god calms the storm and sometimes god calms the child."

Amy said...

Wow, what a great post! I am going to check out that book!

debbie said...


What a blessing that God brought me to your blog through this book blog tour! I am excited to see that God blessed you with beautiful babies! Infertility is a difficult walk and whether we receive the gift of children or another answer it helps to see and hear that God walks with us! God walked me through and I was healed even though babies were not the answer to my prayers! I celebrate with others when babies are the answer!

Thanks so much for your gift of reading and sharing my book with others! It is my prayer that through this book another woman will find healing whether it is infertility or suffering of another kind. God uses all of us in amazing ways and I thank you for allowing Him to use you and your blog to share His story once again in perhaps a different way.

Thanks again!

Sweet blessings,
Debbie Covington

Kristin (kekis) said...

Sounds like an amazing book! It's so hard when you are in the thick of grief, pain, struggles, suffering and trials to remember that God IS reaching for you. It is our job as His children to reach out to Him, too.

Give those cuties some hugs from me!

Reflections said...

We are believing that Jesus has already healed our family! My children have been under attack with eczema and I know I heard the Lord say we are HEALED and that's what I'm trusting him for HIS word!

One loVE...

LOVEDBYD said...

Through IF it is very hard to hear people tell you "it will happen" but for me it was easier to hear these calming words....Let go and let God.

Rachel said...

Hey! Guess what! I don't know if you know this but you are up for an award for having the best multiples blog at!

Here is the link!