Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Through their eyes

I just realized one of the things I love most about being a mom. I love looking at the world through Emma and Josh's eyes. They are amazed at the tiniest thing and the find joy in just about everything.

The other day, I was holding Josh and walked into our bedroom. He looked up at the ceiling fan and just stared. So I turned it on and he continued to stare. And then he laughed. Im not talking about a small laugh. He busted into the biggest fit of laughter and clapped his hands, waved his arms and wiggled in my arms. Over a ceiling fan. It made my day.

Another thing that makes my day is how Emma and Josh love me, no matter what. I might not have showered, have a big zit on my cheek and morning breath but they are ready and willing to reach their arms up to me and nuzzle against my face. To them, nothing else matters but being loved by their mama.

Here are some of the 11 month pictures we took of them, enjoy!


The Lane Family said...

Shannon this blog was amazing and it brought tears to my eyes. You are so good at saying the things I have thought or felt and never been able to convey the way you do!!

The pictures are awesome and they have the most beautiful eyes!!!!

The last picture looks like so many of our photo sessions and make TERRIFIC memories!!!!

Krisy said...

oh my gosh those pictures are awesome!!!

mtendere said...

I often am humbled by the lightbulb moments with my little girl. When she first figured out how to clap or crawl or walk. And now her vocabulary is exploding and she just amazes me. What a blessing as a mom!

Alicea said...

Love the pictures! I can't get over how big they are all ready.

jahan said...

NiNiTooN ... twitt about your kids ...
best plase for babies and parents ..

Jeannie said...

Those little smiles make life wonderful!