Thursday, November 4, 2010



1. She has been letting me hold her and snuggle with her for longer periods of time. Before, she would just squirm out of my (or anyone's arms) and try to move around. Yesterday, I was holding her and I started rubbing my nose against hers and she laughed. And I don't mean just a giggle either. She started laughing hysterically and each time I rubbed my nose on hers, she squealed with laughter which in turn made me laugh which just made her laugh that much harder. This went on for a couple minutes and I don't think I will ever forget the sound of that laughter.


1. He has a different approach when I put my face up to his. He immediately tries to bite my nose and pull my hair, he is such a boy! The entire he is trying to do it, he laughs. Of course this makes me laugh which just encourages him and I end up moving away from him and then he chases me. He is so goofy and is always making us smile.


1. They love to chew on things and their new favorite chew toy is fruit rind. Yep, like the peel of the orange or the end of the watermelon. They love it. The pictures in the post are from when I gave them the end of the watermelon. And I wish I could have taken a picture of Josh the other night when I gave him the peel of the orange that still had some orange on it. He sucked on that thing for a good 10 minutes and would not let it go. I had to chase him down for it.

2. Teeth- The current count is:
Emma: 5
Josh: 8

Tomorrow, I am participating on a Blog Book Tour for the Book "If I...I Will" I was asked to share my "Mark 5" story (more on that tomorrow) and in doing so, it brought back so many memories of TTC and the journey that I took to be a mother. In remembering the journey, I thought of the people that are still on the journey, especially those whose story I have followed for a long time. I want you to know that I still think of you and you are always in my prayers.


The Lane Family said...

That is so funny about how much they love to chew on fruit rind. obviously it must be delicious!!!!

They are getting quite a few teeth and just get cuter and cuter everyday!!!