Thursday, November 11, 2010


I used to keep a notebook around so I could write down things about Emma and Josh during the week for my TIDWTFT (Things I Don't Want To Forget Thursday.) I need to find that notebook again because each Thursday I sit here, eyes barely open because its so early, trying to remember what I wanted to post about them.


1. We have started dropping ounces from their bottles. They are down to three 6 oz bottles. My goal is to drop their lunch time bottle by the end of the month. I think it will be easy to do since both of them are pretty good with the sippy cup. (Josh is really good, he loves that thing!)

2. They love to wrestle with one another or with Dan and me. They will throw their bodies on top of the person that is near them and roll around and laugh. I always think they will hurt one another but it hasn't happened yet. Instead, they laugh hysterically and try to roll again.


1. She has been trying to walk a lot more. She can almost stand up from a sitting position (she makes her body into a bridge and then pushes up) but she is letting go all the time and then talking 2-4 running steps. Its only a matter of time now...


1. He loves to eat. Loves it. The other night, I cut up some cheese, noodles, carrots and whole wheat toast and put some on his tray and some on Emma's. I proceeded to start washing bottles and turn around and he has polished off everything. Now I had to fish some of it out of his mouth because he had put too much in but he wanted more! He tried green peppers the other day too and those were a hit.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Also, I know there is always tons of voting for stuff (TMB, Photo contents, etc) but I got an email that someone nominated my blog on The Bump. I checked it out and I am in last place (Gasp!) So if you get a chance, can you hook me and the peas up with some votes?

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The Lane Family said...

Wow...Emma almost walking watch out world!!! I love how Josh is such a good eater as well that is darn cute and so like my son Aidan!!!

I love your blog and I hopped over and voted for you!!!