Monday, December 13, 2010

Almost time

In 4 days, my babies will turn One. I just went back and read my blog from one year ago today and its funny because I feel like I just wrote that post. I remember the weekend before I went in to be induced. I remember knowing my life would never be the same and I was right!

I have a party planned for Emma and Josh's first birthday. Its all family, about 17 people. I didn't send out invitations and there are no party favors. We aren't playing games and the decorations will just be bunches of helium balloons. But even though its kind of a low key party, I know it will be super special to us.

I just finished writing my letters to Emma and Josh. We are going to pack the letters away in the "Memory Boxes" I have made for them. In each box, I put their coming home outfit, a newborn diaper, cards, pictures and other items from their first year. We plan to seal the boxes and allow them to open them up some day in the future. Maybe at age 10, maybe older. Who knows!

The letters reminded me what an awesome responsibility it is to be a mom. There are so many things I put in those letters and over the next several years, it will be my job to make sure I teach those things to my kids.

So that's whats going on over here. Almost One Year Old. I can't believe it!

Conspiring about who knows what




Eris1995 said...

Happy Birthday Josh and Emma!!

The Lane Family said...

I love the idea Shannon of the boxes that is an AWESOME idea. I wish I would have done that but maybe I will try for their 3rd birthday. I do have everything from their tiny preemie diapers to feeding tubes (new) so I should put the letters in there with those.

I love what you are doing for their party that is how we did Aidan's and Kaylee and Avery's and it was just fun!!

I love the photo of them together you can tell they are thinking about what kind of fun..Im mean mischief to get into and as they get older they are only thinking of more things to do!!!

By the way do not worry about commenting on my blog you are a very busy mom, wife and you work full-time you are plenty busy!!! :)

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I cannot believe they're already one! They are getting so big and are absolutely precious. I am sure their party will be wonderful!

The box idea is amazing, I love that! It will be so special for them to open those years down the road.

flojat said...

I'm totally stealing your memory box idea. I hope you don't mind!

Kelly and Natalie said...

Can't believe they're almost one! Love your memory box idea. I have all of Natalie's first year cards, her hospital hat, first bday cards, etc. It's fun to look back at it all already. Happy Birthday to your two miracles!

A said...

Happy Birthday, Josh and Emma! Shannon, I've been following your blog for probably 2 or 3 years!! WOW!!! How time flies!