Monday, December 27, 2010

Eczema Updates

I wanted to provide an update on Josh's eczema. I've gotten a lot of emails from mom's who are also dealing with eczema and I think its so important for us all to share info and stories so that we can work to get our kid's better!

Josh's allergy testing came back today and he showed two allergies- egg whites and peanuts. The egg white was very low and the pediatrician said that we don't have to eliminate everything with eggs in it, just not to give him an actual egg. (Which he hasn't had yet anyways) The peanut allergy came back higher (a 2 out 4) so she wants us to avoid peanuts for now (again, he has not had actual peanuts or peanut butter) and they will continue to allergy test him every 6 months until he is 3. At that time, we can consider further allergy testing.

She did, however, say that based on the fact that he has not had substantial exposure to either of these items, she does not feel they are the culprits of his eczema.

Our next step is a pediatric dermatologist on the 24th of January. Hopefully we get some answers there. Until then, we are continuing the last 3 days of steroid cream and 1/2 tsp of Zytrec each night.

I also asked her about using Cerave because of the alcohol in it and she recommended continuing it, as long as it was not irritating his skin. He seems fine when we put it on so we will continue using it versus the Aquaphor (because of the lanolin)

As for his skin right now, it looks amazing. The puffiness and scaliness has went away but there is still some red spots. I guess we'll see what happens when we discontinue the steroid cream.

Thanks again to everyone for their advice and insight. I will continue to update about his eczema.

And just because he is so cute, here is a picture of Josh playing with his little sports center. He loves to dunk!


The Lane Family said...

Yeah!! I am glad that he is doing better and that they will continue to monitor his allergies. I hope all goes well with the pediatric dermatologist...that was one they never told us to see they had us see the pediatric allergist and it was and has been a great experience.

Kelly and Natalie said...

That's great that your doc is so proactive! Natalie's just told us she had eczema and sent us on our way (stupid military doctors!). I'm happy Josh is doing so well.

Brenda said...

Glad to hear that he is doing better. My 22 month old was diagnosed with both eczema and allergies. He has a severe egg and peanut allergy but has only had a reaction to eggs. We asked for the blood test and it came back negative on both. It is now just easier to avoid the two items. We definitely don't want to chance anything. We also carry around an epi pen and Benadryl. His next testing won't occur until he is 3 but we are going to ask to have him retested in February when he turns 2 The only hard part is going to eat at restaurants and always asking for the ingredients. It now is just something we always do.

The 100 calorie packs don't contain egg or peanuts so those are great for snack items.

Good luck with the dermatologist. Hopefully the eczema can be controlled with simple switches of lotions and detergents.

Megan said...

OMG my heart breaks for you having to deal with this eczema. Praying it keeps getting better and eventually goes away FOREVER! I wish I had some advice or something, but I have nothing so I'll just offer my prayers and hopes that it clears and disappears!

Cori said...

What a cute guy! My daughter Claire has a bit of eczema, but nothing too serious. Andrew's family has a history of eczema and food allergies, so we've kept an eye on her but so far so good. I'm glad he's doing so well and hope he continues to improve!

Brittany said...

Found your blog tonight and I was reading about little guy. This story is VERY familiar, as my oldest son had horrible eczema and has food allergies (milk, egg, and peanut) as well. We also saw a dermatologist and an allergist to help is poor skin.

Today he has BEAUTIFUL skin as long as we avoid foods that he is allergic to.......everything is great! We even eliminated the lotions & creams.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or leave a comment on my blog:)


Random Musings said...

Poor little thing!

Ps can you email me at crazyrandommusings at yahoo dot ca

Or I will look for how to contact you...I have something that a friend used and it was amazing NO CHEMICALS and got rid of the enzema all together!