Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Josh's Eczema

I know that my posts are usually pretty light and fun but this is something that I want to blog about for a few reasons. One, its on my mind a lot. Two, I am hoping that I can share the info that I have so far with other people. Finally, if anyone has any input or advice, Im all ears.

Around 6 months, Josh developed some eczema. It was mostly behind his knees and in the crooks of his elbows. At his 6 month appointment, the pediatrician prescribed a steroid cream and the creme kept it under control. When it started happening, I switched to "Free and Clear" detergents but after awhile, I went back to regular detergent.

At 10 months, the eczema worsened. It started on his back and on his chest and the patches showed up on his arms and on his legs. We got out the steroid cream and used it again. We also started lathering him up with Cetaphil and Aquaphor twice a day.

Just after 11 months, the eczema moved to his face but mostly when he would eat or when he touched his face. It was hit or miss- sometimes it would be on his face and sometimes it wouldn't.

Fast forward to now and his eczema is out of control. Before I go any further, Im going to share two pictures of him, just so you can see the extent of the eczema.

In addition to the red spots, he has now started to itch often. He actually rubs his body up and down on things to scratch himself. The face has started to get worse in the past couple days, although it was ok a few days last week and was not too red on the day of his party.

The pediatrician wants us to do the following:

1. Initial allergy testing with blood work, which we did today. They are looking for allergies to "normal" things like milk, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, dust mites and mold.
2. Zytrec, 1/2 tsp each night to help with the itching
3. Oral antibiotic for 7 days because he does have a couple of the spots that are open from him scratching. The antibiotic is a precaution, in case he has any infection
4. Steroid cream- once a day for 10 days
5. Hydro-cortisone cream- once a day for 10 days

She also suggested we switch from Aquaphor to Cerave to make sure he isn't having any adverse reaction to the lanolin in the Aquaphor.

I will continue to share this journey with all of you and ask for your prayers as we deal with this. I would take every last red mark and every last scratch away from my baby if I could. It pains me to see him deal with this.

And like I mentioned, if anyone has any insight, Im all ears.

Thanks for listening!


Sarah said...

Liam developed bad eczema on his cheeks around 5 months old. We finally took him to the doctors after we figured out he was not in pain from teething but from the eczema. He was put on a steroid cream that cleared it up very fast. He now gets flare ups every time he gets a new tooth. He also has it one his arms and legs but just a handful of small spots that we put cream on when they flair up.

Rachel said...

I get eczema around my eyes but I used to get it behind my knees but never as bad as poor Josh's. My heart just aches. My dermatologist prescribed Elacon cream which has always worked for me. Is this one of the creams that you guys were looking at?

Erin said...

My twins are 10 months old, and 1 had some skin issues about a month ago. for weeks, her legs, and back felt literally like sand paper, and was red in some areas. We went to the doc, and he thinks it may have been the aquaphor that I was putting all over her "dry" areas. He thought her pours might be clogged. I stopped the aquaphor, used only california baby scent free/chemical free soap and shampoo and I use no lotion at all. Within the month it cleared! Good luck! Poor thing

texas girl said...

avery was just diagnosed with eczema too! hers was pretty bad but not all over like joshs my whole family had me convinced it was ring worm!??! I know they are insane but we did us the setoid cream to clear it up switched to baby aveeno for babies with eczema and he skin has done beautifuly I really hope his gets better I know avery was misrable for abaout a week and a half there

Ryan said...

A friend of mine dealt with this with her son for awhile...it ended up being allergy related. Hopefully after the test results you can get some answers! My friends son has very very mild flare ups now and again, but it is much more under control.

Stephanie said...

I have no tips or experience with this but I hope the treatment plan works!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog since you were TTC around the same time as I was. Turns out you got pregnant a month after me so I always tune in because your babies are a similar age to my little guy. Evan was diagnosed with excema at 3 months. We tried many things and finally got it under control. The things I learned: He was allergic to Cetaphil.It made him break out terribly. We found Aquiphor baby wash to be wonderful and only use ALL free and clear for ALL the laundry. We use a Rx for no more than 7 days when he breaks out badly, in between we use CeraVe and Aveeno excema lotion a few times daily. We also had him allergy tested.It gets worse in the winter too.
Good luck!! I know it's frustrating when it doesn't go away quickly. But stick to a plan and you will see progress. : )

breedwoman said...

i wish i had advice, but it seems everyone else has pretty good tips. I just wanted you to know my heart went out to you. i know as a mom you hurt when you're baby hurts. It'll get better soon! i hope the test show some answers!

flojat said...

Poor little bug! One other thing I have to watch out for with my adult eczema is anything with fragrance in it...lotions, bath washes, hand soap. And not only what you're using on him, but anything that you might be using on you (or your other family members) that he might be coming in contact with. I basically buy the fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic version of ANYTHING I can. I really hope Josh gets some relief!

Amy said...

Poor guy! I know I told you Ella has it but it's nothing like what I see on Josh. It sounds like you guys have a good plan! My heart breaks for you seeing him like that. I hope you find relief soon!

AmyJ said...

Definitely do the allergy testing. I was misdiagnosed my entire childhood with eczema & psoriasis, and in adulthood found out it was all allergy related. Now I am able to know what my triggers are and how to keep it under control. Good luck!

Reflections said...

PRAYER PRAYER PRAYER! Speak the word over him... Both of my lil ones HAD it. I'm using past tense because by His wound they are HEALED!!! the best moistures we have came across are Raw unrefined shea butter and Vani cream. Aquahor has lanolin in it and it is not good for eczema. If you have any question I can give you more of our testimony via email.. s_stjulien@yahoo.com Remeber natural is better!

Kelly and Natalie said...

Oh my, poor guy! Natalie has a very mild case of eczema. We just went to the doctor yesterday for a bad case of diaper rash, and the doc thinks it's eczema gone very bad. It's also spread elsewhere. We got a steroid cream and an antibiotic, too. We are to use the steroid cream 3x a day. I don't know if that's due to Natalie being a bit older, but thought I'd throw that out there. Also, we were told to bathe her daily to keep her skin moisturized, pat her dry, then use the cream while she is not completely dry, followed by moisturizer. Natalie gets worse in the winter; that could be why Josh is so bad now. A friend of mine said her boys all outgrew it as they got older. Here's hoping for us both! Good luck!

The Lane Family said...

Shannon..your poor little guy..I will continue to pray for better days and I know how hard it is for kids to have bloodwork done.

Now, I am going to share a little information with you...Aidan had this problem as did Miss Kaylee. Since out here all Pediatricians refer out we went to an pediatric allergist and we had the allergy testing done on Aidan and Kaylee. We had the poke test and the blood tests. We did find out that Aidan has some significant food allergies and some seasonal allergies as well. Kaylee has seasonal allergies as well that cause her exzema and Avery has some that cause her stuffiness.

She put us on a product called EpiCream when the rash is not to bad and it works great and is non-steroidal. When the rash is worse we have a steroidial cream. Also she told us that is good to bathe them everyday but only use product every other day or every 3rd day. Get them out of the bath do light drying and then apply creme or cremes.

We never use bubbe bath or anything that says antibacterial on the skin. Aidan gets allergy shots now and the girls may or may not when they get older time will tell.

Hang in there and good luck!!

ONE MORE THING are allergist said NEVER,NEVER put lotion on the infected areas because it can do more bad than good.

Hope this helps!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Shannon,
I've been following your blog since you were TTC, I originally "met" you on the GP. My husband and I are still TTC, will be doing IVF in 2011.

Anyway, I've had eczema since I was a baby too. It wasn't until my early 20s that I was finally able to get it under control and figure out what caused it to flare up. My biggest issue is anything with dyes or scents in it. So I have gone to strictly using only things that are dye and scent free. That includes soap (hand, body, laundry detergent), lotion (this is must for me, no dyes or scents at all!) I have to be VERY careful what I put on my skin.. even wearing gold will cause me to breakout. If you haven't already I would start trying to use things that are hypo-allergenic... including baby wipes, his lotion, soap, ect...

The hand soap I use also has aloe vera in it, so it's healing. I also notice that my skin is sensitive to citrus fruit. I can not touch kiwi, but I can eat it.

I hope this helps you with trying some new things...

Alicea said...

Oh, poor lil man. I have no experience with this, but I hope you find something that helps soon!

Lindsay said...

I'd bring him to a Dermatologist instead of working with your pediatrician.

Good Luck.

Meghan said...

I did a clinical at John's Hopkins Pediatric Dermatology clinic and they recommend Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. They said this is the best for moisturizing very dry skin (not at all concerned about clogging pores). I am surprised your pediatrician would recommend CeraVe because it has alcohol in it which can be drying to the skin/burn when the area is very irritated. I would take him to a dermatologist.