Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Emma and Josh have both went through times where they like to mimic us. Now, they have started to mimic one another. Some of the things are cute. Like if Josh starts laughing, Emma will start laughing too. Or if Emma walks to the couch, Josh will try to follow her.

Some of the things they mimic are not so cute. If they are sitting in their high chairs and one throws their sippy cup, the other immediately throws their sippy cup. Or if Josh lets out one of his high pitched screams to see how loud and how high pitched he can get, Emma lets one out too.

I also love to see them continue to interact with one another. I caught these series of pictures the other day, so precious.

"This is my puff, don't you take it"

"Eh, I can't help it. Im going to take the puff"

"I told you, that's MY puff"




A said...

So freakin' CUTE!!!! Love it! <3

Jeannie said...

I can not even believe to tell you how many times we've used the phrase "monkey see monkey do" over the last month or so. It's just like you said too, sometimes it's cute and sometimes it's NOT! Those pics are too funny!!

flojat said...

I can't believe they are about to turn a year old! How does that happen???

The Lane Family said...

This just makes me laugh and it sounds just a little familiar especially the "if I throw you throw too".

I must say having a singelton first...it was easy compared to the dynamic duo because if one cannot think of it the other one will and their little minds are always working.

The pictures were so darn cute!! I love them and Josh's shirt is adorable!!

Kismet21 said...

They look so big! Awe!