Thursday, December 9, 2010


This version of TIDWTFT is all about "Things That Emma and Josh Aren't Huge Fans Of" They basically despise most of the same things, so I can do a combined post.

1. Diaper changes- You would think that I am trying to torture them with the diaper change. They squirm, yank stuff off the wall and pitch a fit every time I try to change a diaper

2. Getting dressed- Might be the worst part of the day. This morning, I am contemplating just letting them wear pajamas all day, simply because I don't want to dress them. They run/crawl away, stiffen their bodies and scream.

3. Getting bundled up for the cold weather- Its freezing here, literally. Its been in the 20's and 30's all week. So I try to keep them warm with coats and hats. (I have not even gotten as far as boots and gloves because of #2) The second they are bundled up, they become hysterical

4. Being held- I never have had super cuddly babies. They were not huge fans of laying on our chests or snuggling with us in bed. But now that they are mobile, forget about holding them. They both do this thing when you try to pick them up- they let their entire body go limp. Their arms, their legs and its almost impossible to hold them. They'd rather be moving all around the living room.

So its not always smiles and giggles over here! But all the screaming, hysterics and body stiffening aside, I love my kids. In 8 days, I will have one year old toddlers. ONE YEAR OLDS. I can't believe it!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Emma- just after screaming about her hat and coat

Josh- accepting the fact he has to be bundled up



One out of two ain't bad


Kismet21 said...

Sophie hates all of those things too, but it is thankfully not that cold here.

That shot of Emma with the hat is priceless.

The Lane Family said...

This post is the best and I just had to laugh and smile..especially when I saw the pictures!!!Those are the kinds of pictures that make for great memories and maybe even come out when they start dating :)

It does get better with dressing...the next stage is they take everything off or they debate with you what to wear and the diaper thing...I am so there with you.

I cannot believe in 8 days they will be 1....where did time go!!!?????

Mrs. Hoppy said...

They are so stinkin' cute even when they are upset about being bundled up!

flojat said...

Too bad you can't combine the body stiffening while getting dressed with the limp bodies when picking them up. You'd end up with two normal kiddos, LOL!