Thursday, December 30, 2010


The last Things I Don't Want To Forget of 2010- crazy!


1. She has major obsession with me right now. If I am home and not with her, she is trying to find me. The other day, she was pushing on the bedroom door to try to get to me. The second I come back in the room, she beelines towards me and plops into my lap. It makes it hard to get anything done but it is nice to be loved


1. He loves to open and close things. Some of his favorite are the door the the nursery, the doors to our entertainment center and his toy tool box. Im worried about his little fingers getting stuck when he closes things but its so cute to watch him open the door, peak at it and then use all of his force to close it.


1. We had to duct tape over the power button on our TV because both of them liked to turn the TV on and off. And on and off. So now our TV has a huge piece of duct tape over it, but they do leave it alone!


The Lane Family said...

Shannon it is so funny to me how much our lives and our homes change as our kids especially twins get older. In one of your recent posts you talked about how hard life was when you first brought the twins it is really crazy. I SOOOO know what you are saying and I must say that now that the girls are 21/2 life is really crazy and I have one that really shows the "terrible 2's-3's"can be like but at least I have them to enjoy!!!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Are yours obsessed with remotes?? That's the thing in our house. They are so, so cute. I can't believe how fast they've grown!