Thursday, June 24, 2010


Seems like the week flies by, can't believe its Thursday again.


1. She has been making a noise that sounds like "wow" all the time. When I look at her and say "Emmmaaaa" she will look back at me and say "wow" Its so precious.

2. She is wiggling all around when she is on her belly. And she does an inchworm kind of crawl. She sticks her little butt in the air and then drops back down, which moves her forward an inch or two.


1. He wants to sit up by himself so much. If he is not sitting up, he is trying to do baby sit ups to get himself in an upright position. He is going to have abs of steel!

2. He has gotten a lot more hair! At one time, he was bald. Totally bald. But now is hair is coming in quite nicely, he is so handsome.

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend, one more day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 months and the official end of pumping

Emma and Josh had their 6 month appointment on Monday and did great. They have met all 6 month milestones except neither is sitting unassisted yet. The pedi said that this milestone often happens later so its no big deal. They do sit great in the bumbo or the jumperoo or on our lap but by themselves? not yet.

Here are their stats:


Length: 27 inches, 95th percentile
Weight: 14lbs, 11 oz, 25th percentile


Length: 28.25 inches, 95th percentile
Weight: 17lbs, 1 oz, 50th percentile

Summary? Both babies are long and lean. Oh and Josh has almost tripled his birth weight. Such a beast (but an adorable beast, of course!)

I did my last pumping session on Thursday AM and the days after that were extremely painful. I could not even focus on the emotional aspect of weaning from the pump because the physical aspect was so intense. Again, I knew it was going to be painful but I did not anticipate the fact that it would hurt to walk. And breathe. And just stand still. But the pain has lessened alot in the past couple days and the fullness and pressure is starting to go down, too. Now that its all over, I am proud of what I was able to accomplish. 6 months is pretty darn good!

Hope everyone is having a great week! I am out of town for work right now and although I miss Emma and Josh (and Dan, too!) like crazy, this trip away is a lot easier on me. It just goes to show- things do get easier with time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dinner Fail

I contemplated whether or not to post about our dinner last night with Emma and Joshua, but decided to do it because this blog isn't just for the good stuff that happens. Its for everything. Like last night. So here goes:

We went out to dinner with my family to celebrate Father's Day. I was so excited to go out to eat and not have to cook. And fully enjoy a glass of wine since I am completely done pumping. Well when you have kids, a dinner out is not that easy.

It started off good enough. Emma and Josh both took great afternoon naps and were fed by the time we got to dinner. I was relieved to see that the table across from us had a couple babies at it, too. I was even a little giddy that at the beginning of dinner, one of the babies at the other table was crying and mine were just smiling and laughing.

As we started to order, Josh got a little fussy. As I have mentioned before, he needs to be entertained. So we did our best to pass him around the table and keep him occupied. No big deal.

As our salads arrived, I heard a noise from Emma and then smelled a horrid, rank odor which could only mean one thing. So I pick up her and the diaper bag and after a little thought, took her out to the van to change her. And I am glad I did. I will spare you the details but I can honestly say it was the worst diaper I have seen in the past 6 months. So much fun to change in the Odyssey.

I get back in the restaurant and Dan is by the front door because now Josh has started fussing even more. We sit back down but I really don't get to eat because I am trying to get Josh to settle down.

Then, the worst part of the night happens. We had put the car seat carriers on top of the wooden restaurant high chairs. The table across from us with the babies had flipped the chairs upside down and it looked like the carriers were fitting in them better. So I decided to flip ours, too. I actually didn't think it was super sturdy but I would have never imagined that what happened would happened. We were all eating and before I knew it, Emma's high chair and car seat carrier flipped backward. I don't know if she moved or I hit it but either way, my sweet little baby was lying in her car seat carrier on her back after falling 4 feet. She starts crying and of course Josh starts wailing and the entire restaurant is staring at us.

Emma was fine after a minute and I didn't see any bumps or bruises on her. I really think the car seat carrier protected her but it was still so scary. I was so embarrassed that it happened but I was more upset that Emma could have gotten hurt.

So yeah, Im not sure we will be going out to a restaurant again anytime soon! I guess we'll just stick to ordering pizza for awhile!

Here are some pictures I have been meaning to post:

6 Month Bear Picture (look how long Emma is!)

Take 2 of 6 month pics (didn't go much better than the first time)


Dan with his babies on Father's Day

Josh and Emma

Josh on his 6 month birthday

Emma on her 6 month birthday

Me laying with E&J on the bed. Emma loves jewelry and watches, she is checking out my ring!

Josh being silly

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6 Month TIDWTF

6 months? I can't believe that 6 months ago, Dan and I were headed to the hospital for my induction. I was warned that time goes fast but I didn't think it would go this fast! In honor of Emma and Joshua's 6 month birthday, I have a longer TIDWTF.


1. She is such a content baby. As long as she has her thumb, she can sit or lay for a long time without crying or needing anything.

2. I cannot get her to stop rolling. I have even had to learn to change a wet diaper while she is on her tummy. I can dress her like that, too.

3. Emma loves to have a blanket by her face. If she does not have one, she is constantly pulling up her dress or shirt by her face while she sucks her thumb.

4. She is now eating closer to 28 oz per day. She is in 6 month clothes from Carters or 3-6 from Gymboree. She is still wearing a size 2 diaper but I put a size 3 on her and it wasn't too big. As soon as I run out of 2's, she will go into the 3's.

5. She lays on her belly all the time. I always say that she looks like a little girl at a slumber party when she lays like that.

6. Her laugh is so cute, its a quiet laugh but she gets a lot louder when I tickle her or blow on her tummy.


1. He is not that content and always likes to be entertained. If I put him in the jumperoo, he is fine. For about 5 minutes. Then he gets bored. His favorite thing to do is to have someone talk to him. If I walk him all around the house and tell him where we got every single item in it, he is so happy. I think he is going to be an active boy!

2. He is so active. He is always moving his legs, his arms or his whole body. I am now convinced that he was the one punching the heck out of me in utero.

3. Josh has the best smile that I have ever seen. Its big, gummy, and it melts my heart.

4. He has had a few times where he ate over 30 oz. He also loves cereal, apples and pears. Not a huge fan of peaches though. He gagged and then yacked up a mouthful. He is also wearing 6 month clothes and can even go into some 6-9 months, although they are pretty big. And the size 2 diaper is too small, its all size 3 for him

5. He hates to lay down, except for sleep. He always wants to sit up and watch the action. He is also doing mini-sit ups when he is not fulling sitting up. Looks like he is trying to pull himself into a sitting position

6. Josh loves toys. His favorite is a Lamaze Inch Worm that has crinkly parts on it. He grasps that thing and does not let go. He loves anything that makes noise or has bright lights/colors on it.


1. Neither baby is sitting up unassisted yet but they are really good in the Bumbo, Boppy or the Jumperoo.

2. They love to lay on their tummies and look at one another, its so cute. Josh seems to be a bit more into looking at Emma but Emma loves to grab at Josh. I love that they are starting to interact.

3. They are having two meals a day now. We do cereal in the AM with a little fruit and then cereal in the PM with a little veggie. Josh loves it, Emma is slowly getting used to it.

4. Both babies smile all the time, recognize my voice (and Dan's too) and follow us with their eyes as we walk around or leave the room. They are both also starting to lift up their arms when they see us, almost like they are reaching out to us or signaling that they want to be picked up.

The past 6 months have been crazy and amazing. Its also been the greatest time of my life. I feel so honored and grateful to be a mom. And I can't wait for the next 6 months!

At my parent's house

Josh with my dad

Joshua with a toy

Emma and my mom


These are from the 6 month pics we tried to take, which didn't go well. No one smiled or looked at the cameraJosh, not looking happy


I heard this older song the other day (thank you satellite radio!) and it made me think of Emma and Joshua. Hope everyone is having a good week!

You're my peace of mind in this crazy world.
You're everything I've tried to find, your love is a pearl.
You're my Mona Lisa, you're my rainbow skies,
and my only prayer is that you realize
you'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

The world will turn and the seasons will change,
and all the lessons we will learn will be beautiful and strange.
We'll have our fill of tears, our share of sighs.
And my only prayer is that you realize
you'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

You will always be beautiful in my eyes.
And the passing years will show
that you will always grow ever more beautiful in my eyes.

When there are lines upon my face from a lifetime of smiles,
and when the time comes to embrace for one long last while,
we can laugh about how time really flies.
We won't say goodbye 'cause true love never dies.
You'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am so glad I decided to to TIDWTFT (Things I Don't Want To Forget Thursday) because every time E&J do something cute, I try to remember it to put in my blog.


1. Yesterday, he was laughing in his sleep in the morning. He was napping on our bed while we got ready for work and I heard him laugh. I looked over and he was sleeping but still laughing. So I kept mimicking his laugh (heh, heh, heh) and he would then laugh again. It was so funny!

2. He has started moving his arms around alot and when he does, he starts pounding on his tummy. Kind of like King Kong but not on his chest. Of course he is kicking his legs around while he is doing it, he is so active.


1. Yesterday was the first time one of the babies actually slept on me for longer than a couple minutes. She slept on me for almost an hour and I loved it. I could feel her little heart beating and smell her breath on my face (of course it smelled like spit up and formula and breast milk but I still loved it) I was sad to put her in her crib but I needed to sleep, too!

2. The second I put her on her back, she is immediately trying to roll to her stomach. This makes diaper changes and putting on clothes very, very hard.

In pumping news, I am now done to 3 pumps a day and the process of weaning is getting harder physically. And emotionally. From a physical standpoint, it HURTS. I knew it was going to be painful but I didn't expect this much pain. I still get about 20-25 oz from 3 pumps. I hope this starts to go down soon. From an emotional standpoint, its hard to know that I am still producing milk but am choosing to let it dry up because I am sick of pumping. I know I will continue to get over that guilt (mommy guilt strikes again!) but right now, its in the back of my mind.

Hope everyone is having a good week! Oh and I have no new pictures but I promise I will make up for it this weekend, we plan to get a bunch then.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just some pictures

I have some pictures to post but not much is going on so I thought I would just post the pictures and skip my ramblings for today:

In their Fort Monkey gear. Emma and Josh come from a long line of fellow Fort Monkeys

Josh loves the Bumbo

Josh using Emma as a foot rest

Yes, Emma is sucking on her toes

I like this picture because you can still see how different their eye colors are

So that's that. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

TIDWTFT and the beginning of the end

For these week's installment of TIDWTFT:


They are trying to hold onto our hands and pull themselves up, almost like they are doing "baby sit-ups" And neither of them likes to just lay on a blanket anymore. They want to be sitting up, rolling around or on our lap. I have a feeling that becoming more mobile is just around the corner.


I was feeding Emma and looked at her and her eyes just looked so blue. So I said "Hey, Baby Sinatra, look at your blue eyes" and she busted up laughing. Now, every time I say "Baby Sinatra" she breaks into a fit of giggles. Its so funny!


He is grabbing at everything and he has such a strong grip. If I put a toy within a foot of him, he almost rips it out of my hand and then hangs on for dear life. The bad part is that he also likes to shove it in his mouth but he is a little over-zealous and has hit himself in the face a few times with the toy. Of course he just laughs, such a boy!

I have also started the process of weaning from the pump. Emma and Josh will be 6 months in 2 weeks so I would like to be done by then. I am down to 4 pumps a day and its nice to not have to pump 3 times while I am working. I am still getting 30 oz per day, which is enough for 6 bottles. We have had no problems introducing more formula to E&J and to be honest, they don't even seem to notice the difference. Makes me feel better. I can't believe I only have 2 more weeks of pumping. It feels weird to be almost done.

Hope everyone is having a good week!