Monday, January 31, 2011

Emma and Josh Close Up 31 and 32/365

My cuties, up close and personal


...and Emma

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Computer Nerd 30/365

Emma and Josh both love to get into the office and as soon as they do, they run right up to the computer and start banging on the keyboard.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jailbirds 29/365

We've transformed our family room into "Baby Jail Central" and attached two Superyards together simply because Emma and Josh were getting too hard to control. They can open doors and get down stairs so they would no longer stay in the family room. Once I can get some of those childproof door knobs and maybe another baby gate to the dining room, we will remove "Baby Jail"

In the meantime, Emma and Josh are not huge fans. They normally either stare at us longingly to get out or scream like crazy for us to come get them. On occasion they will play nicely but those occasions are few and far between.

Note: Josh has the panicked look in this one- he is even chewing on his finger! And Emma is giving the longing stare- "Commmeeee getttt meeeeee!"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cars 28/365

Emma and Josh love to get pushed around on any kind of riding or push car.


Here's what Emma and Josh are up to this week. It's a lot of the same things so I am going to do a combined post:

1. They love to check out my belly button! If I lay on the floor with them, they will lift up my shirt and peek and poke at it, its so funny.

2. They have learned the charming habit of gagging themselves. Emma started it but then Josh picked it up, too. It began with them laughing hysterically at the gagging sound (and probably the feeling) but each of them have actually thrown up while doing it and it drives me nuts.

3. Both of them get so mad when I put them in the Superyard and am not in there with them. Probably because they prefer to be getting into the cabinets in the kitchen, pulling picture frames off the fireplace hearth or opening the office door and banging on the keyboard!

Here are pictures of them looking pretty serious!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

...or tea for more! 27/365

Emma even got my dad to have some tea!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tea for two... 26/365

Emma has one of those Fisher Price tea sets and she loves it. She pretends to pour into the cups and she and Josh both like to pretend drink and eat the little cakes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Josh's Eczema and other updates

Here's what's been goin' on:

1. We took Josh to the pediatric dermatologist today and she is not convinced he has eczema. She thinks it might be some eczema and some psoriasis. She is thinking psoriasis because some of the red areas have become highly raises and flakey, especially on his back and scalp. So he is going to go back on a steroid cream on his body and face for 2 weeks along with an anti-fungal cream on his head. The goal is to clear up the rash in the next 4-5 weeks and then re-evaluate, most likely with further allergy testing. The result of today's appointment? This is not going to be an easy thing to battle and the goal is to keep him comfortable and keep his skin hydrated. :::sigh:::

2. I just read back through my last TIDWTFT and realized I never mentioned this. So Emma and Josh LOVE to kiss and hug one another right now. Its so precious. I will say "Give Emma a a kiss" and Josh runs to her with his mouth open and slobbers on her. And she laughs. It works the other way around, too!

3. Josh and Emma are both starting to understand things so much more. A couple examples are that I ask them for specific toys (like the "pop-pop", the doggy, the cake) and they run to get it. Or if I tell them to take something to daddy, they run right over with it. Or I showed Emma how to pour tea from her pretend set and Josh how to drink it and both of them were pretend pouring and drinking in no time.

I also don't have many pictures because I am using most of them for my 365 Project (link on the right of my blog) I don't know though, its kind of a lot of work. Maybe I will just combine both blogs. Or maybe I won't. Decisions, decisions.

Emma, close up. Her hair is starting to come in!

Emma and Josh- we have been letting them hang out in our finished basement for some change of scenery. So far, they like it.

Josh- probably just got off the slide we bought them

Slippity Slide 25/365

We bought a slide for Emma and Josh and they kinda like it. They just don't understand that you can't turn around and climb back up the slide part, especially when your brother or sister is trying to slide down, too. But Emma is clearly enjoying it in this picture!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Picture Attempt 24/365

I tried to take a picture of Emma and Josh for their 13 month birthday and, well, no one would sit still.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

TV time with Daddy 23/365

I don't want my kids to spend hours in front of the TV. I do however like to cuddle with them and get some quiet time with them so we are desperately trying to get them to watch a few minutes of TV here and there. The favorites so far? Special Agent Oso and Mickey Mouse- both on Disney.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pants on the ground 22/365

Josh is long but he is thin so even the 12 month pants fall right off his non-existent hips! Im constantly rolling his pants up and Emma's too!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Denied 21/365

This is Emma, right after I denied her access to running on the couch


Emma and Josh have been really fun this week. They are eating good (and ate what we ate for dinner most of the time including tilapia!) and are really interested in playing.


Emma with the "pop-pop" They both love this thing!

1. She loves to sit on peoples' laps right now and the second I sit down, she rushes over and tries to get in my lap

2. Dan has been doing this thing where he pretends his fingers are a bee and he "buzzes" around Emma and Josh's head. Josh goes crazy over this and laughs but Emma prefers to just copy Dan doing this and make the "buzz" noise right back at him.

3. I know its early but I swear that when I opened up a piece of cheese in front of her, she looked at me and say "teeze, teeze" Could it be her first word?!


Josh playing with the "pop-pop" I hesitate to post pictures of him with his red skin because, I don't know, I just feel sad for him. But the redness doesn't stop the smiling!

1. He has figured out how to open doors. Time to officially baby proof! And now that he has figured it out, he wants to do it all.the.time. Plus, he is teaching it to Emma. Joy!

2. He has started to knock over all of their toys, including their pottery barn toys. So he will be playing with one of them and all of a sudden he will just completely knock it over and move onto the next

3. Josh loves to say "nite-nite" when I tell him its time to go to bed. He says it over and over.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Storytime 20/365

Emma and Josh love reading books, especially when they are read by grandpa

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to babyproof 19/365

Um, look who can open doors by themselves? I was on the computer and Dan was in the family room and these two busted right on in.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Busted 18/365

Josh is still a bit rough with Emma but he has gotten a lot better. I was taking some pictures and I saw him looking at her so I thought I would give him a chance to play nice. Instead, he pulled her hair!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Headstands 17/365

Josh does this thing that looks like he is trying to do a headstand. He puts his head on the floor and just kinda hangs out like that. Such a goof!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Im an "everything has its place" kind of girl so I enjoy organizing, putting stuff away, throwing stuff out, etc. My idea of a fun Friday night? Organizing my make up drawer. (Actually did this last night- pure heaven)

I have never considered myself overly OCD about cleaning or organizing. I mean, I do like to clean the sink drain with a toothbrush and I iron t-shirts but overall, I've been able to keep it under control.

Until now. What has sent me over the edge? TOYS. I am obsessed with organizing and putting away toys. Emma and Josh have a toy shelf with 6 little plastic containers and I have one designated for "Little People stuff" and one for "Toy tools and makeup" and every night I crawl around on all fours and hunt down every last piece and put it in its "appropriate" plastic container. I then count 3 eggs and veggies for the Laugh and Learn Farm and 2 basketballs for the Little Tykes sport center. And then I move onto the toy that drives me nuts, simply because it has 26 alphabet letters and it never fails that the day ends and I only have 25- The V-tech Alphabet Train.

Please tell me I am not the only one that does this?! I really, really just want to throw the Leap Frog Maracas and Drum into the toy chest and walk away but, I don't know, it just looks better when they are organized nicely in one of the plastic containers. Help!

Emma and Josh playing with some of the toys that I spend forever organizing

Double drinker 16/365

Emma has decided that one sippy cup isn't enough for her.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Falling 15/365

Josh has been doing this thing lately where he falls back. So he will be sitting there and then all of a sudden, bam, he falls backwards. He knows to do it slowly so he won't hit his head but oftentimes I find him on the floor like this. What a goof!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shake, shake, shake 14/365

Emma loves her Leap Frog Maracas and it looks like my grandma does, too!


Thursdays always come pretty quickly because we have so much going on so here is another post!


Emma, in Josh's crib

1. She has the cheesiest smile. She doesn't always use it but a lot of times she will just look at you and flash it and it always makes me laugh. Her eyes crinkle and her mouth is all teeth, so cute

2. She has now started to run away from me when I come towards her with her pajamas or her coat. She literally ducked from under my arm and took off the other night and I had to chase her!


A "madder" version of his funny, snorty face

1. His poor eczema has flared up again. Obviously the steroid cream simply got rid of it while we were using it because the eczema is back and basically as bad as it was before. I just feel so bad for Josh. Our dermatologist appointment is in 10 days so hopefully we get some guidance.

2. Josh likes to run around the living room and make this snorting kind of noise. He wrinkles up his nose and squints his eyes and snorts. And of course laughs, too. Which makes me laugh!


Both in Josh's crib. And Emma is the one with the red face because she sleeps with her face smashed into the crib!

1. When I get them up in the morning or from a nap, they want to be in the same crib for a little. So our new routine is that I pick up Emma and she literally lunges out of my arms to get into Josh's crib. Then they sit there and laugh, hug and steal toys from one another.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Relaxing, finally 13/365

Today was a glorious day (well actually, it wasn't. It snowed 13 inches while we were at work and my car got stuck in the driveway but whatever) The glorious part is that Emma and Josh actually sat in their chairs, drank their own bottles and just relaxed for a few minutes. Finally!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who needs clothes? 12/365

Sometimes after a particularly messy meal (as references a couple posts earlier) Emma and Josh get some much needed "naked time"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Before and After 11/365

During the week, Emma and Josh are only awake at our house for several hours. It makes no difference because in the matter of minutes, they are able to take out basically every toy in their toy box. Id also like to point out something in the pictures below. See the sheet over the window? Yeah, Emma and Josh pulled our blind off the window and broke it so Dan put the sheet up to create a barrier and keep some heat in. Niiiccce.


...and after

Sunday, January 9, 2011


One of my biggest challenges as a mom has surrounded eating issues. At first, it was trying to get Josh to nurse. Then, it was trying to get either of them to take a bottle. As we got rid of bottles, it became the worries about if Emma and Josh were drinking enough. And now, we have struggles with who is eating what and if they are getting enough "good" food to eat.

Right now, there are a lot of foods that they like. Emma loves fruit- grapes, oranges, apples, melon, pears, she can't get enough. Josh loves peas and cheese. He will literally pick peas up by the fist full and shove them in his mouth.

Some days they like chicken, other days they will gag when it goes in their mouth. Some days they love mashed potatoes, other day they throw it in clumps on the floor.

Which brings me to another thing about feeding two one year olds- its messy! I really want them to learn to feed themselves so I just put it all on their tray and let them go at it. They do manage to get a lot in their mouths but a lot ends up all over the place.

The other night, I had my first "mommy gives up" moment. I was trying to feed Emma and Josh and they were just not having it. Emma was smashing her food all over her tray and Josh was taking fist fulls of food and mushing it in his hands. I really wanted them to eat so I grabbed a can of mandarin oranges and put a couple on each of their trays. They gobbled them right up! So I put a couple more and same thing, they couldn't eat them fast enough. I contemplated for a minute, opened up the can all the way, and dumped half the can on Emma's tray and the other half on Josh's tray! And you know what? They were happy! So yes, my kids ate an entire can of mandarin oranges for dinner.

If anyone has any feeding suggestions or websites to check out, let me know. Im just going to continue to try to feed them the best I can.


Josh (he pulled off his bib and I didn't notice)

Food and Sippy on the floor

Emma's tray

The two messiest eaters in the house

A successful meal 10/365

This is what a typical meal looks like at our house. Sometimes a bit neater, sometimes a bit messier, but this is pretty much what it looks like.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daddy's toy 9/365

Dan found one of his old toys in our drawer and, of course, Emma and Josh fought over it!

Friday, January 7, 2011

One out of Two 8/365

It seems like its hard to get both kids smiling and happy. This picture shows it all!