Monday, January 24, 2011

Josh's Eczema and other updates

Here's what's been goin' on:

1. We took Josh to the pediatric dermatologist today and she is not convinced he has eczema. She thinks it might be some eczema and some psoriasis. She is thinking psoriasis because some of the red areas have become highly raises and flakey, especially on his back and scalp. So he is going to go back on a steroid cream on his body and face for 2 weeks along with an anti-fungal cream on his head. The goal is to clear up the rash in the next 4-5 weeks and then re-evaluate, most likely with further allergy testing. The result of today's appointment? This is not going to be an easy thing to battle and the goal is to keep him comfortable and keep his skin hydrated. :::sigh:::

2. I just read back through my last TIDWTFT and realized I never mentioned this. So Emma and Josh LOVE to kiss and hug one another right now. Its so precious. I will say "Give Emma a a kiss" and Josh runs to her with his mouth open and slobbers on her. And she laughs. It works the other way around, too!

3. Josh and Emma are both starting to understand things so much more. A couple examples are that I ask them for specific toys (like the "pop-pop", the doggy, the cake) and they run to get it. Or if I tell them to take something to daddy, they run right over with it. Or I showed Emma how to pour tea from her pretend set and Josh how to drink it and both of them were pretend pouring and drinking in no time.

I also don't have many pictures because I am using most of them for my 365 Project (link on the right of my blog) I don't know though, its kind of a lot of work. Maybe I will just combine both blogs. Or maybe I won't. Decisions, decisions.

Emma, close up. Her hair is starting to come in!

Emma and Josh- we have been letting them hang out in our finished basement for some change of scenery. So far, they like it.

Josh- probably just got off the slide we bought them


Lulu said...

Hey hun, so sorry to hear about the psoriasis. My cousin has psoriasis that she has battled her whole life, she has a pretty severe case, she does light treatments every 4 years. Anyway, if you ever have questions I would be happy to ask her. I know her Mom would have some good advice since she dealt with it since Lanie (my cousin) was a baby.

Mrs. Hoppy said...

Poor Josh! I hope it gets better soon. And I love that they are kissing and hugging each other - that is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

i would like to suggest a dermatologist that helped with a friend's baby when most had failed to diagnose correctly.
Dr. Mengesha, Phoenix children's hospital, dermatology dept,phone is 602 546 0895
all the best,


The Lane Family said...

I am so sorry about Josh having psoriasis. The good news is that you have a dermatologist involved now and I am sure that they will help get to the bottom or at least to a point where they can make it a lot better for him. Hang in there. I have learned being a busy mom that I am sure sometimes the yucky things we here are harder on us than our kids because we think of all the bad things and how it will affect their lives where they are just excited if they get a sticker and maybe a sucker :)

One thing I would reccomend getting a pediatric allergist if they are going to do further testing. I have learned with Avery and myself that specialists DO NOT like to travel into each others area very much..just a thought.

The part about them hugging is so darn cute..I love it. As I say with my girls they are the best of friends and the worst of enemies!!!

Alicea said...

:( I'm so sad for your little man. I hope the new creams help.

Scullyhoyy said...

I hope the new treatment works, Poor little guy. Josh & Emma are adorable:)

Bloggin' with one Hand said...

Sorry about the eczema~my twins have it too....I didn't know about it at first and just thought it was just "dry skin"~Now that I know I can nip it in the butt before it gets bad~beacuse as you know...once it is is hard to get it to go away :(. I love the updates thought...and appreciate you sharing.