Sunday, January 9, 2011


One of my biggest challenges as a mom has surrounded eating issues. At first, it was trying to get Josh to nurse. Then, it was trying to get either of them to take a bottle. As we got rid of bottles, it became the worries about if Emma and Josh were drinking enough. And now, we have struggles with who is eating what and if they are getting enough "good" food to eat.

Right now, there are a lot of foods that they like. Emma loves fruit- grapes, oranges, apples, melon, pears, she can't get enough. Josh loves peas and cheese. He will literally pick peas up by the fist full and shove them in his mouth.

Some days they like chicken, other days they will gag when it goes in their mouth. Some days they love mashed potatoes, other day they throw it in clumps on the floor.

Which brings me to another thing about feeding two one year olds- its messy! I really want them to learn to feed themselves so I just put it all on their tray and let them go at it. They do manage to get a lot in their mouths but a lot ends up all over the place.

The other night, I had my first "mommy gives up" moment. I was trying to feed Emma and Josh and they were just not having it. Emma was smashing her food all over her tray and Josh was taking fist fulls of food and mushing it in his hands. I really wanted them to eat so I grabbed a can of mandarin oranges and put a couple on each of their trays. They gobbled them right up! So I put a couple more and same thing, they couldn't eat them fast enough. I contemplated for a minute, opened up the can all the way, and dumped half the can on Emma's tray and the other half on Josh's tray! And you know what? They were happy! So yes, my kids ate an entire can of mandarin oranges for dinner.

If anyone has any feeding suggestions or websites to check out, let me know. Im just going to continue to try to feed them the best I can.


Josh (he pulled off his bib and I didn't notice)

Food and Sippy on the floor

Emma's tray

The two messiest eaters in the house


Sarah said...

I could have written this post to a T about Liam. I did the same thing with oranges a few time. I just have tp tell you that twice now he has gotten a horrible diaper rash from the acid in the oranges so be on the look out. We are also dealing with crazy food jags where he cant get enough of something for days and then all the sudden hates it.

Krisy said...

Wish I could help but i'm in the same boat as you. Lunch today made me want to cry especially since I had just cleaned the kitchen after the breakfast mess!

Katie Belanga said...

All three of my darlings are finiky eaters. I have gotten many opinions from "loving" family and friends about my making them different food that what my husband and I are eating. I was really feeling guilty and it was making me anxious, so at the last well child check up, I talked with the pedi about it. She said, in her opinion, making a fight at each meal is not worth it! If the kid wants jelly bread everyday, whatever. She said that making meal time a fight is setting up a lifelong battle with food and making negative feelings about food and meal could make more issues later in life. She suggested just making what they will eat and offering a variety of foods along with it, eventually they will try something else and like it. My kids pretty much live on fruit, dairy, and bread. They eat 3 meals a day and don't really snack, so it is what it is. I have given up stressing about it, and let those opinions just go in one year and out the other. My 3 year old is starting to try a few more things these days, so just give it time!

Only you know what is best for your kids, and I am sure they are just fine. They look happy and healthy and not starved! Keep up the hard work, you are a great mom.

Oh yea, ps.... my number one favorite (and only) thing about our dog, is that she cleans up the kids food messes!

Valerie said...

I know how you feel Shannon. I feel the same way. My struggles have been all about food too. Some days are a lot harder than others and I worry if they are getting enough good things to eat.. Let me know if you find somethings that works for you.

Amy said...

I read once not to worry so much about what they eat per meal, like if they're getting enough protein, veggies and fruit in each meal. Instead, look at what they eat over the course of the week and then most likely, they are getting plenty of good stuff over the week. Our dr. said the same thing as another comment - don't make it a fight. It will be a losing battle for you and only upset you. As long as you are exposing them to a variety of foods, if all they want is oranges one night so be it. If they only want oranges every meal for a week, well then, talk to the dr. :) Aren't toddlers fun??

Carly said...

toddler eating is the devil... so unpredictale and such a battle between deciding to stick to one thing or just get them to eat. I hate this phase- good luck!

The Lane Family said...

Shannon..this sounds so familiar. I have two picky eaters and one that is great. As Aidan our oldest has gotten older he as to eat at least one bit of everything on his plate before he can go play (but he is 5).

As for the girls I also try all kinds of things with them and sometimes they like it and eat it all and sometimes they don't. I too have fed them an entire can of Mandarin oranges and it does not mean mommy gives up it means mommy is still making sure they are getting something healthy but Mommy can only do so much.

As for the messes they will continue..we have one friend who would make their kids help clean up the mess. We did try this with the girls and they just throw it at each other so that is done for us. Also kids will go through phases where they will eat really great and then not eat so great that is normal and okay...just keep trying different things and going back to the things they liked once before.

I also use a cook book which I have now forgotten where you make things that incoporate fruits and vegetables into things kids like and they never know it. It is fast and easy and you can do a little on the weekends of the puree's and then put them in the freezer. They have everything from brownies to chicken fingers.

So hang in there and know that this is just the fun, crazy amazing adventure called parenthood and it is SOOOOO worth it :)

mtendere said...

I've been reading an AAP book called "Food Fights." It has some great information. The biggest lesson is to try not to stress out too much. Like the other commenter said, one meal is not a big deal in the grander scheme of things. Easier said than done, I know!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I am totally with you on this. It's so stressful! Knox's gag reflex has to be the most sensitive on Earth- everything makes him heave. We've been doing a LOT of carbs. The kid likes noodles, and if that's all he can eat without gagging, then so be it. Applesauce and noodles. Man, that's healthy.