Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snuggle Bunnies

Its so stinkin' cold here so I bought Emma and Josh fleece buntings. I like to call them "snuggle suits" because Emma and Josh are so snugly in them! The buntings are great because they cover their hands, feet and heads but are thin enough to ensure they fit into their car seats good. Here are some pictures of them wearing the buntings.

"Then they do, and that's how it is.
It's just quiet in the mornin',
Can't believe how much you miss,
All they do and all they did.
You want all the dreams they dreamed of to come true:
Then they do."


WildToddlerTwins said...

Your blog has won the We <3 your blog awad
see here

Carly said...

oh- do they have legs or is this an actual bunting? How do you put them in the carseat/stroller with it and the straps? I NEED to get something warm for B! so cute- love those 2

Alicea said...

Those are great and they do look very snuggly!

The Lane Family said...

How cute these are!!!! I wish I would have found something like that when the girls were little. Now they would fight them constantly. They would have been nice for my son as well!!

The first picture is ADORABLE!!

Mitzi G. said...

they are adorable.......where did you find them?

Jill said...

The one problem I have every winter time ...
cute little kids bundled up so much they can hardly walk ... vs ... the car seat. It is a battle I never EVER seem to win. *sigh*


Jill said...

The one battle I have every single year is:
kids bundled up so much they can harldy walk vs. the car seat fitting around them.
It is a battle I dread every winter.