Thursday, January 6, 2011


This has been a long week. Josh's eczema is flaring up big time but its all on his face and head. His body is ok (except for some spots on his upper feet and back of his knees) but his face and head are a different story.

Emma has taken this opportunity to not sleep. She randomly screams out at various times, all night long. If they didn't share a room, I would let her scream but I am scared she will wake up Josh (and he is a bear if he gets woken up!)

To top it off, I am sick. I have a horrendous cold/sore throat/cough. Is it Friday yet?!

I do have some TIDWTF though so here goes:


1. Since she has not been sleeping good, she has been spending a lot of time hanging out in our room and she is absolutely hysterical late at night. She runs around our room and laughs her head off. So much for trying to get her to wind down and go to sleep, huh?

Emma and her sippy cup


1. He has started throwing everything. Sippy cups, toys, items in his crib? Throw, throw and throw. He actually can throw pretty far, too, which is why I think he is doing it. He is amazed at his strength, haha!

Josh "playing" with the big bear


SB said...

I hope you feel better! And hopefully Emma starts sleeping again....that must be miserable!

BTW, I featured you on my blog. You've inspired me with your TIDWTFT posts :)

The Lane Family said...

Shannon I am sorry that you are feeling like crap, and the downside is either you got it from them and will get better really quickly or they will get it from you...lets hope it is the cold they had!!!

One thing about Mr.Josh is that Aidan with his eczema even though much of it is triggered by food I would not give him those foods but he would still get it, then I really looked at things and you would be surprised how much stuff has the things that they mentioned he may be allergic too. Also at his age they can not say for absolute certain that what level his allergies are. Also did they give you any additional steroid cream??? With Miss Kaylee who gets it bad on her ankles they gave me a tub of cream that I use when it flares for a few days and then go back to using EpiCream, it works awesome and is okay..or so our pediatric allergist says :)

As for Miss Emma maybe her and Kaylee could get together and talk about fun things to do in the middle of the night :) Hang in there.

They are so darn cute and one thing about it there is NEVER a dull moment when you have kids :)

flojat said...

Maybe we can put Brigid and Emma in a room together and let them yell it out! Marlowe and Josh could quietly share a room and sleep all night long.