Thursday, January 13, 2011


Thursdays always come pretty quickly because we have so much going on so here is another post!


Emma, in Josh's crib

1. She has the cheesiest smile. She doesn't always use it but a lot of times she will just look at you and flash it and it always makes me laugh. Her eyes crinkle and her mouth is all teeth, so cute

2. She has now started to run away from me when I come towards her with her pajamas or her coat. She literally ducked from under my arm and took off the other night and I had to chase her!


A "madder" version of his funny, snorty face

1. His poor eczema has flared up again. Obviously the steroid cream simply got rid of it while we were using it because the eczema is back and basically as bad as it was before. I just feel so bad for Josh. Our dermatologist appointment is in 10 days so hopefully we get some guidance.

2. Josh likes to run around the living room and make this snorting kind of noise. He wrinkles up his nose and squints his eyes and snorts. And of course laughs, too. Which makes me laugh!


Both in Josh's crib. And Emma is the one with the red face because she sleeps with her face smashed into the crib!

1. When I get them up in the morning or from a nap, they want to be in the same crib for a little. So our new routine is that I pick up Emma and she literally lunges out of my arms to get into Josh's crib. Then they sit there and laugh, hug and steal toys from one another.


The Lane Family said...

I hope things go well with josh's appointment and that they are able to find away to help. I know with Kaylee we use the steroid creme until the spot is 100% gone then we use the Epi Cream on that spot and other places then when it starts again we start the steroids again..just a thought!!

I love how Emma snuggles into her crib..Kaylee used to do that as well.

The cutest thing is how they like to be in the same crib for after nap and enjoy each other. I must say I do love how my girls play together it is adorable and so darn cute!!!

Bloggin' with one Hand said...

Looks like our twins are about the same age! Boy/Girl here too! With a toddler!!! Look forward to following yoU!