Thursday, January 27, 2011


Here's what Emma and Josh are up to this week. It's a lot of the same things so I am going to do a combined post:

1. They love to check out my belly button! If I lay on the floor with them, they will lift up my shirt and peek and poke at it, its so funny.

2. They have learned the charming habit of gagging themselves. Emma started it but then Josh picked it up, too. It began with them laughing hysterically at the gagging sound (and probably the feeling) but each of them have actually thrown up while doing it and it drives me nuts.

3. Both of them get so mad when I put them in the Superyard and am not in there with them. Probably because they prefer to be getting into the cabinets in the kitchen, pulling picture frames off the fireplace hearth or opening the office door and banging on the keyboard!

Here are pictures of them looking pretty serious!


Jeannie said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who has kids get in to stuff!! E&L love to get in to our Lazy Susan cabinet and pull out garlic salt. They crack me up but stay out of my cabinets!! :)

Krisy said...

aah the gagging thing, lauren just started doing it, how in the world can that be fun???

Mary said...

I don't understand the gagging thing, either.

The kids are getting so big!!!

The Lane Family said...

They look so darn serious in the pictures it made me smile :)

I love how they love your belly button. The girls love to look at mine too and I remind them that they have one as well and they just laugh!!! Our older son Aidan likes me to tell him that he got his belly button from being hooked to me inside my belly. So fun!!

I also know the feeling of having kids get into things. My girls as seen in previous posts use each other to help them get higher or at times to help them think of naughtier things to do. The quote "double the love, double the trouble" is so true!!

Carly said...

oh no- they are both gagging?? poor mama!