Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ok, before I start, I am desperate. It would appear that Emma and Josh have a major case of early onset baby bulimia because they are CONSTANTLY sticking their fingers down their throats and at least once a day, one of them pukes. At first, it was mildly cute because they laugh when they do it, but if I have to hold one puking child's hands out of their mouth while I try to push the other one from playing in the puke (and why would you play in puke anyways) one more time, I might lose it. Any suggestions?

Onto my TIDWTFT!


1. He is so ticklish. If I tickle him under his arms, he literally snorts with laughter. And if I say "Im going to get you" and point my fingers towards him like I might tickle him, he runs away and laughs.

2. His new word is "car" He says it anytime he sees one of our many little play cars. Or sometimes when he sees any other toy. But he loves to say it!


1. Her hair is getting longer and a few times this week, I have actually had to brush it because she gets major bedhead. The little hairs will stick up all over but after I run a soft brush over the hair, it smooths back down.

2. She loves to give kisses and gives kisses to just about anything- her baby doll, a stuffed animal, Josh, her reflection in the mirror. But when she does it, she makes this noise that sounds like she might take a bite out of you instead of kiss you, its so funny!


Britt71884 said...

Deacon still does this!!! I think he started doing it because it was a cool new feeling and now I think he does it to get a reaction... The best thing that we found to do (and trust me, we tried EVERYTHING!) is to kind of ignore it and take his hand out of his mouth before he pukes- but not to make a big deal out of it... Hope that make sense!!

Samantha said...

I am having this same problem with Brayden! He's almost 15 months old. He started a couple months ago, but it went away. At the time, we thought it was because he was chewing on his fingers from teething molars and just sticking his fingers too far back. He stopped doing it then, but he started back up again last week. He does it now when he wants out of his highchair or out of his crib! I've found him twice in a puddle of vomit in his crib...gross! If you come across anything that works, please let me know! I'd like to ignore it and hope it goes away, but as soon as I hear that retching sound, I go running b/c I really don't want to change the sheets everyday!

The Lane Family said...


I know what you are talking about because our oldest Aidan did this at around the age the Josh and Emma are and then my girls did it around the same age. In fact Kaylee still does it at times if she does not like something..she did it all over herself and our double stroller on Saturday.

What I would say is that as gross as it is. Just deal with it do not respond to it or make any acknowledgement of it and they do outgrow it. I know it is not fun to deal with and disgusting but it is just part of the learning and growing process.

Not to scare you but wait until they decide to start exploring their diapers.

This is the not so fun part of being a parent :)

flojat said...

I love reading your blog, and yet it scares me to see my future. ;-)

osuraj said...

Claire does this but only to the point of puking (yet). I just try to keep a straight face (no reaction at all) and take her fingers out of her mouth...usually I'll give her something else to chew on in place of her hand. Hang in there!