Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby, Im amazed by you

Both Emma and Josh totally amazed me tonight. It started with Emma. We have the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Farm and it has three small vegetables in the shape of a circle, square and triangle. Emma looked at them and then one after another, placed them in the proper spaces! Crazy. A couple minutes later, Josh picked up my tennis shoe, looked at me and said "Shoe!" and then handed it to me. I've never specifically taught him that word so it was funny to hear him just come up with it.

These kids are smart, I tell ya!

Happy Monday, hope everyone is having a good day!


Nicole said...

That is cute!!! They are so smart!!!

The Lane Family said...

That is AWESOME!!! I think it is easy to forget how much kids learn from watching and listening to us. I also always remember that kids are like sponges and soak up so much!!

It is so fun to see what they learn and how smart they really are!!

They are so cute in the picture!!!

Lindsay said...

I saw your blog on TopMommyBlogs...I love it! I love the SAHM/WAHM post, too. Anyway, this was an adorable post. It's crazy what kids can pick up just by listening to us!