Thursday, March 17, 2011

TIDWTFT The 15 month version

15 months? Wow. I can't believe it! These kids have really grown. Let's see what they are up to:


1. I notice they both say the same words. I think we are up to 11: mama, dada, car, cheese, night night, ball, block, see, hot dog (it sounds like gog gog- so cute), dribble dribble (for the basketball), ba-na (for banana)

2. The both can point to their nose, belly, head and ears. We are going to work on mouth and eyes next.

3. They understand a lot and can look at the door when I say someone is coming and can find most toys by name. They also walk to the kitchen and stand in front of their high chairs when its time to eat and wait at the top of the stairs when we say its time to go downstairs.

4. They are great eaters and eat a lot of what we eat. Some new things they tried are mangoes, avocado and they even ate some pork ribs that I made (I wiped the sauce off and they gobbled them up!)

5. They love to mimic what we do. I was sick last week and every time I coughed into my sleeve, they both did the same thing. The newest one is that they like to pretend to talk into the phone and even if I give them a block or another item and say "Helllooo", they then pick it up and say "H'oooo" So cute.

6. They also both like the theme song to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and they especially like "The Hot Dog" dance at the end. They do their own version of the dance which is basically them running in place really fast while saying "Gog-gog, gog-gog" It makes me laugh every time.


1. She still does not have any molars. She is holding steady at 8 teeth.

2. She loves to look at pictures, especially of me and Dan and of her and Josh. She really likes our wedding pictures and when I turn the page and she sees Dan or me, she squeals and then points! She also loves the video montage I made for their first birthday and many nights, we lay in bed and watch it on Dan's I-pod before they go to bed.


1. He has another 3 teeth on top although I can't see them very well. That makes a total of 13 teeth.

2. He loves to splash in the bathtub. The second I put him in, his hands come crashing down into the water and he drenches me. The look on his face though when he does it is so cute so I do let him splash around a bit and then just clean up later!


Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

They're getting so big!

I think that splashing your mother is a definite boy thing! Knox loves to do it, too.

Lindsay said...

I can't believe they are 15 months! Crazy!!

Nicole said...

They are adorable!! I haven't been on here in a while, so they have definitely grown since the last time I've visited!!!

Krisy said...

Happy 15 months. Splashing is definitly a boy thing, Colin is crazy in the tub!

The Lane Family said...

15!!! I love all of the new foods they are trying that is great...I will say about 2 they go through another "picky" stage but I found with the girls that as long as I kept trying things they did much better than Aidan did.

I love they enjoy the "hot dog" song so cute and hopefully you have caught them doing it and recorded it!!

I wanted to say that the picture blog is adorable...I do not comment to often because my browser and the comment screen do not like each other :)

Kismet21 said...

They are getting so big. It's funny to me that kids the same age do some of the same things and some not. Sophia is not as advanced as these two in some areas :)