Thursday, March 3, 2011


Another long and tiring week around here with work! I am basically typing with my eyes closed and would pay good money to be able to go back to bed.


1. They have started running. They love to go into our basement or be let loose in the hallway and then they just run. Most of the time, they run and scream at the same time. Its so cute to see them moving that fast!

2. They both like to kick and throw a ball. We have a couple plastic basket and soccer balls and if I put one on the floor and say "kick!", they do a pretty good job of kicking it forward.


1. She likes me to hold and rock her a bit before bed but when she decides she is ready for bed, she literally lunges from my arms into the crib, grabs her baby doll, sticks her thumb in and goes to bed.


1. We had our first puking incident this week and Josh was the culprit. Thankfully, he only did it once but it was all over Dan's parents' foyer, living room and bathroom. He was not feeling well all day however I think the puking helped because within two hours after, he was up running around. Poor boy!


The Lane Family said...

I love how they run and get excited when they get to run downstairs at your house that must be adorable.

Sorry about the first puking incident...if only it was the last :)

They are so cute!!!!