Thursday, March 10, 2011


Another week in between posts. Clearly work is still busy and I can barely keep up with anything but I did manage to get a post together!


1. She is not much for sharing. If she sees Josh with something, she immediately wants it. If I give her the exact same item, it doesn't matter. She wants the one that is in HIS hands. If she gets it out of his hands and I give him something else, guess what? She wants that, too!

2. This week, Josh was crying about something and Emma went up to him and patted his back and hugged him. It was so precious!


1. We went back to the doctor and his skin is doing good. His body does not have any redness except on his feet. His face has a few spots, normally around his eyes where we can't use the steroid cream. His scalp is the worst and he still scratches it so we are hoping we can get that part under control.

2. He loves the sound his shoes make on our wood or ceramic floor. He will stomp his feet over and over and then laugh, its so cute!


Kristi said...

Love the new pictures. That Emma is a girl through and through. Always wanting what someone else has. :o) But then being there to comfort her brother. So happy that Josh is doing well. That must make you and Dan so happy!

The Lane Family said...

The last picture just makes me smile because I can see Emma letting Josh know she is in CHARGE!!

I may have missed it our I have forgotten...(this darn brain issue) but what did they find out about Josh and his skin..does he have food allergies??? I ask because Aidan gets the same thing around his eyes when he gets the food he is allergic too so I was just wondering!!

Hang in there with all you have going on :)

Lindsay said...

so cute.