Thursday, March 24, 2011



1. Her new things to mimic are brushing and washing her hair. If she sees the hair brush, she grabs it and puts it by her head. When she is in the bath, she likes to help me wash her hair and Josh's, too.

2. When she is feeding herself, she sometimes looks at me and holds out a piece of food, like she wants to give it to me. So I lean in and say "Oh, you want to share with Mommy" and as I get closer, she quickly puts the piece of food in her mouth and laughs. What a jokester!


1. Dan does this thing where he hold him while Josh is laying flat and then Josh puts his head back so he is looking upside down. Dan then takes him to different things in the house (or to Emma and me) and says "Extreme Close Up, Extreme Close up" and Josh laughs hysterically!

2. He has a funny "stretching routine" when he wakes up in the morning. It starts right when he wakes up, he does one long stretch right when he rolls over. And then the stretching continues when I unzip him from his sleep sack. But he doesn't stop there! He continues to stretch when I put him on the changing table to change his diaper.


The Lane Family said...

They look so cute outside enjoying the great outdoors. The mimic thing is so cute and so funny!!

I love how Josh does the upside down thing with his daddy and also how he has a Stretching cute!!

Carly said...

they look so big and adorable!
Don't beat yourself up about the working mom SAHM internal struggle- the truth is no matter what we do we will have doubts and joys- I know you will succeed in this!