Thursday, March 31, 2011


This week has felt so much better to me. Things are slower at work so I've had time to get myself organized and do some real soul searching about what is important to me. I see some big changes over here in the coming months and as things unfold, I can't wait to continue to share the journey.


1. Emma and Josh love, love, love to read books. They especially love the Happy Baby series and are constantly bringing books to anyone who will read to them. They also love Moo, Baa, La La La and when they find it in their basket of books, they both say "La, la, la"

2. Because of all the book reading we have been doing, Emma and Josh have picked up a ton of new words this week. I've heard them each say bear, shoes, frog, duck, milk, cup, toes, cookies, chick and girl. We're up to 21 words!


1. We don't do much baby signing with them but the one that they did pick up is "eat." The other day, Emma got into the pantry and grabbed a bag of Gerber cookies and was clutching it with one hand, signing "eat" with the other and saying "coo-kee, coo-kee" It was so cute that of course I gave her one!

Josh: 1. He figured out how to take off his diaper this week at Dan's parents' house. He did it during a nap and although he peed all over the crib, at least it was just pee! Let's hope this isn't a new habit he has picked up.

"Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning- one that leads you to being the fullest human being that you can be" Oprah Winfrey


Amanda (A) said...

I'm confused. What's going on - change?! Did I miss something?! :) The babies are doing so well and I love reading their updates!!

The Lane Family said...

The quote is very good from Oprah and so very, very true.

Good Luck with Josh and taking his diaper off...when my girls hit that point they were not just peeing so we had to put on a onesie and then put on pants and then put the onesie over the pants....

I love all of the talking they are sweet!!!