Saturday, April 30, 2011


The cutest thing happened today and instead of waiting to post it in my TIDWTFT, I am making a post just for this- it's that cute!

Dan's parents like to show Emma and Josh pictures of me while I am at work. So they say "Point to mama" and Emma and Josh look at the picture and then point to me. (Ok, to be fair, a lot of the times they point to other people too but they are getting better at recognizing me in pictures!)

But when I am actually around and ask them "Where is mama," they always point to a group of pictures on our piano instead of pointing to me. I assume that by now, they know I am their mama but I want them to point to me, darn it! So today, when they pointed to the pictures instead of me I said "No, I am mama" and I tapped my chest to point to myself. And then the cutest thing happened... They both tapped their chest, right by their heart, and said "Mama"

Mama in their heart. That's a heck of a lot better than Mama on top of the piano, I'll take it!


Kelly said...

That is sooooooo sweet! You made me think of this: We used to point to picture of Natalie, and say that's you! For the longest time, she would point to pictures of herself and say, youuuuu! Hehe. :)

Danse said...

Sweetest thing EVER!

Stephanie said...

Aww I would take that every day! That's one of those moments that makes your mommy heart soar.

The Lane Family said...

That is so sweet!!! IT am sure it made you so sad when they pointed everywhere else..but at least they know where mama is all the time and where it counts right in their hearts:)