Thursday, April 7, 2011


So let's see what Emma and Josh have been up to this week! Oh and I have no new pictures to post here because I have been posting them all in my photo blog. So if you want to see how cute the kids are this week, check it out :)


1. They are really into playing games like "Row, Row, Row your boat", "Patty cake" and "Ring Around The Rosie" Oh and they love "Peek-a-boo", too. If I sit one of them down in front of me, they almost always go "Ra, ra" for "Row, Row" or start clapping their hands for "Patty cake" And once you start "Ring around the Rosie?" Forget about it. You have to do it like 10 times!


1. She has an obsession with her baby doll right now. Its a small stuffed doll and she wants to take it everywhere with her. I don't let her hold it while she is eating so I have to sit it on the kitchen table and pretend to feed the baby every once in awhile, which makes Emma laugh.

2. She is getting her first molar! She is now up to 9 teeth.


1. He rarely just says a word, he loves to scream it. So if I ask him, "Josh, what is that" and then point to a picture of a car, he will always yell "CAAAAAAHHH" in a really loud voice and then look so proud of himself.

2. He has an entire mouth full of teeth. Im not kidding- he is getting his 16th tooth right now. He is only missing his 2 year old molars. Holy teeth!


Kristi said...

Love that Josh yells things. That would crack me up. Also, our little one cranked out a whole mouth full of teeth pretty early. Now that she is almost two, we are just waiting on those stubborn two year molars.

The Lane Family said...

First off I LOVE the picture only issue is that I never can comment because my current server will not work with with the comment portin...go figure.

Anyway I LOVE the ictuer of Josh and Emma with the blanket that is so cute and what a great brother he is!!!

The picture of EMMA and daddy while he is eating looks like our home. Jim does not get home until 8:30 or 9:00 so the kids have all eaten and had a snack but they love to go and beg Daddy for some of his...he makes them sit down and then lets them have some of it and no matter what it is they LOVE it!!!

That is very,very impressive that Josh has all of his teeth he got them fast.

I also love the part about Emma and her baby. Avery also has a baby that comes EVERYWHERE with her she loves to pretend to feed it.