Thursday, April 14, 2011


Oh man, I had some good posts planned for this week including a product review and then as usual, I got too busy with work to get it done. But this weekend, I plan to do a good couple posts and return some much overdue emails- I promise!


1. They love being outside. Love it. We have had a few warmer days and they stand at the door until we let them out and then cry when its time to come in. And I think I heard both of them say "Outside" but it sounded like "Os-sigh"


1. She has become very affectionate lately and loves to give Josh hugs, hold her baby and pretend to feed it and she even will lay her head on my shoulder. Of course then she seems something and jumps right out of my arms but at least I get a minute of love!


1. I've mentioned how he likes to splash in the bath tub but this week, he went to town! I filled the water up higher than I normally do and he immediately started splashing so much that Emma got upset. So I removed her and then let him splash like a wild man for 10 whole minutes. I shut the glass shower doors, sat down and just watched the show. I couldn't believe how much he splashed!


Nicole said...

I haven't been on to see pictures of them in a while, they are getting so big!!!

The Lane Family said...

I love the picture of them sitting together is is so cute!!! I have to admit when my kids started to get less cuddly because they had tings to do it was sad and it was hard to admit that they were so busy that they did not have time to cuddle.

I will say that they do get cuddly again as they get older:)