Thursday, May 12, 2011


Well I tried to get this post up yesterday but Blogger was down most of the day for me- boo!

This has been a great week. We've been able to get outside a lot with the kids after work and for me, work has been more manaegable so I am feeling good. Here is my post!


1. She recognizes a lot of the Sesame Street Characters in a book that we have including Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster (in which she screams "Cook, Cook!" when she seems him) Abby Cadaby and Zoe. She often calls Zoe "Toot" though because she wears a tutu.

2. She has become a lot more clingy with me and reaches for me the minute she gets up and wants to be held. She also wants me to hold her before Dan takes them in the morning and then right when I pick her up.


1. He is such a funny eater and drinker. When he eats, he acts like he is ravenous and shoves a fistful of food in his mouth. And he loves his sippy cup or straw cup, he carries it everywhere and takes huge sips of it all the time.

2. He has had a few tamper tantrums lately when we ask him not do something. He will throw his beloved sippy cup, drop his head backward or scream really loud. And so it begins.... haha!


The Lane Family said...

I had to laugh at the last paragraph about he throws his sippy cup and then throws his head back and cries....yes it begins :)

That is so sweet and I am sure hard at times when Emma just wants you to hold onto her. I always remember that someday they will not want to snuggle or hold onto me and try to love the moment :)

The pictures are adorable and they are such cute toddler's.

I also agree about Blogger being down...I need to catch up as well thank goodness is is back up.