Thursday, May 26, 2011


Another week with more storms means more craziness for this insurance adjuster mama! I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and that I will have 3 days to spend with Emma and Josh.


1. They have learned to blow kisses. Josh makes a huge smacking noise when he kisses his hand.

2. They both love these little girls that live next door. There are 4 of them ranging from 16 months up to age 11 and when they see them, Emma and Josh yell "girl, girl" and then want to go over. They like to point at things on their shirts and hug them, so precious.

3. When you ask them "What does mommy say," they both shake their head and say "No, no, no" Oh boy...

4. Some new words I heard this week were bike, towel (to-wa) and food


1. She likes to bring me her clothes and shoes in the morning when its time to get dresses. Of course she brings them to me and then runs away but we are making progress!


1. He loves if you hide from him and loves it even more if you yell "Boo" really loud when you peek your head out. He laughs so hard and then waits for you to do it again!


The Lane Family said...

That is so cute how Emma brings her close but then...takes off it makes me smile:) I also love how they say their favorite phrase is "no, no, no" From about 1 to 3 or 4 this is a word that they hear a lot....or at least at our house...the funny thing is that the girls say it to each other know :)

I am sure you are very, very busy with the the career you have chosen and all the damage that has occurred this year.

Amanda said...
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Amanda (A) said...

Ugh, sorry Shannon. The storms have been horrible here in Texas. Tornados popping up all around us... ugh. Just a little scary when you're 39 weeks PG!

Emma and Josh are growing up so fast! They are still cute as ever!