Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well this is a TIDWTFT without any pictures because I have only taken a few over the past couple days and used most of the good ones on my 365 blog. I need to get some more pictures soon!


1. They have developed a new habit of trying to drink the bath water when they are in the tub. They try to drink it out of the cup I use to wash their hair, the wash cloth or if all else fails, they lean forward and try to drink it out of the actual tub, so gross!

2. They both are into running away from us all the time. So if I try to get Emma to put her shoes on, she looks at me and then runs down the hall. Or if I try to grab Josh to get him in the high chair, he takes off the other way. Of course they both laugh the entire time, they just want us to chase them

3. I've heard a lot new words this week including: tree, toe, door, bib, pea and cup. Their favorite word is still probably shoe. They say it all the time.


1. I am up early so I put the Royal Wedding on last Friday. I pointed out "Kate" to both of them on the TV but Emma was the one who kept running up to the TV and saying "Kate, Kate" And later, when they showed the entire group on the balcony, I asked her "Which one is Kate" and she walked right up to the TV and picked her out of the crowd. Such a princess!


1. He has a pair of shoes with Batman on them and he loves to look at them and say "Bah-ma" The funny part is that he looks at them, even if they are on his feet and a lot of the times, he falls over. The other day, I said "Where is Batman" and he sat down and pulled his foot to his face and was looking at the shoe. He then fell to the side and laughed, so cute!


Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I love that Emma is such a girly girl already, pointing out Princess Kate! So sweet!

TCarre said...
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The Lane Family said...

I just love your posts, it is so fun to hear how the kids are growing and what they are up too.

I think one of the adventures of having twins is that there is never a dull moment, because like you mentioned when you get one caught the other one goes the other way. It is also funny because I have found as I am sure you have and will that two minds think of things much quicker and get into more mischief quicker :)

The whole drinking bath water thing...I am would LOVE to know what inspires this because my kids do it as well...yuck.

I loved the story about Kate and how Emma picked out the PRincess so sweet!!!

Josh is growing up especially when he can wear Batman shoes :)