Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend Part 2

We also got to spend time with my family over Memorial Day weekend. My parents bought a pool for Emma and Josh so they got to do that. Josh went right in and stayed in- he splashed and splashed and loved it. I don't know if the water was too cold for Emma but she got in and cried. Got in again, splashed a couple times and then got out and wouldn't go back in. She splashed on the edge and played with Josh but all from the outside. Oh well, maybe next time!

Josh trying out the slide with my dad

Josh in the pool, Emma outside of the pool


Josh getting splashed by the sprinkler feature

Emma in the pool

Emma deciding the pool is not for her


Mary said...

Poor little Emma! They are getting so big, Shannon!!

The Lane Family said...

Shannon ....first off I LOVE your pool, please share with me where you got it :) Please!!!

Second Emma's face looks so cute and so sad and so funny...that is so funny that Josh LOVES it but Emma is only way to play on the side...I wonder what she will think of a big warm pool!!

Kristin (kekis) said...

Love the pool pics! I confess that I laughed at Emma's poor little screaming face. :)