Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love short weeks, its already Thursday!


1. They love going on walks in their wagon. They also love to yell (very loudly, I might add) out everything we see as we walk including girl, tree, dog and bird. The new one is barking (again, very loudly) every time we see a dog. Its so funny!

2. The other night, one of them lost their toothbrush. (I found it 3 nights later under the couch) Dan and I were looking for it and Emma and Josh joined in by lifting up toys and saying "Tee, tee" (for teeth)


1. The light switch to their nursery is by her crib and she has learned to turn it on. And off. And on and off. She has also learned how to remove the duct tape that we place over the switch


1. He has learned how to pull everything from the changing table into his crib, including the changing pad. The other morning, he was whimpering in his crib and when I finally went in, he was lying on his back with the pad on top of him. I now have to move everything off the top of the table before he goes to bed.


Alicea said...

I can't believe how big they are getting!

Nicole said...

I remember reading your blog when they were tiny and now they are getting big!!! So cute!!!!

The Lane Family said...

The pictures are GREAT!!! I also LOVE your picture blog and I check it on a regular basis even if I do not always comment :)

The toothbrush story made me smile and sounds kind of familiar :)

I have to laugh a little because the things they are up to like removing tape and the changing pad are just the beginning of what these kids can think of!! I think double minds, double love and double mischief!!!

Amy said...

Those stories about what they can do from their cribs cracked me up! Reminds me of all the things we had to take out of Evan's room when we put him in a toddler bed - the garbage can, the diaper genie, his piggy bank - they would all end up in bed with him!