Thursday, June 9, 2011



1. They like to say "please" (pees) and "thank you" (ta you) when you give them something or they give it back to you

2. They both love to watch "Barney" and if I even sing part of one of the songs, they run for the remote and hand it to me. They only get to watch it while Dan and I eat dinner and when they do, they move to the music and laugh at the TV, its really cute.


1. When I tell her to "go to her chair" at meal time, she has been going to the actual kitchen table and climbing in it. I find her sitting at the table, like a big girl

2. Her newest word is "pretty" and it sound like "pit-tee" It is just about the cutest thing to hear her say it.


1. Some of his new favorite activities are turning over his chair and climbing on it, climbing to the very top of the couch, trying to climb over the baby gate and basically throwing toys everywhere. Such a boy!

2. He likes to imitate animal sounds and is favorite right now is a frog. If he sees one on TV or in a book, he yells "bit, bit, bit" for "ribbit!" He does this a lot in the bath because we have the Boob Frog Pod hanging on our wall.


The Lane Family said...

I just have to say Shannon that I cannot believe how fast they are growing up and changing...I know you have already noticed that :) It is also fun to see how their personalities are so different and you can see the difference between boys and girls much easier when they are twins :)

The pictures are great!!!

Nicole said...

To cute!!!!