Thursday, June 16, 2011


So tomorrow I will have two 18 month old toddlers in my house, how the heck did that happen?!


1. When we tell them its time to get into the car, they both say "go, go,go!"

2. They love to brush their teeth and also love to yell "tee, tee" over and over while they are doing it.

3. They are saying a lot more words. I want to write them all down but its easily over 50. Josh's newest word is "grapes" (sounds like bapes) while I've heard Emma say "milk" (she even gets the "k" at the end) Both of them love to say "more," especially when they want more to eat.


1. She has become very affectionate lately, mostly with me and her doll. Oh and Josh. I have even got some kisses and she will often reach over and hug me when we are just sitting there. She is always trying to kiss her doll or kiss Josh, too.


1. Josh tries to be affectionate and he has given me a hug a few times but it will normally end with him trying to yank my hair. Or he will lean over and kiss my arm. Either way, its so cute!


The Lane Family said...

I love how you talk about the words they are saying and what some of their favorite are!! So fun and what a great memory to look back on!!

Okay the part about how affectionate Emma is with you and the baby and Josh is so sweet and I am sure melts your heart!!

I love how Josh is also trying to be caring and affectionate but the part about the pulling the hair or kissing your arm just makes me laugh...once again is shows the boy and girl difference and what a blessing you have both in your home.

Laney said...

18 months No Way! They are so cute :)