Thursday, June 23, 2011


We are having a nice week here, hope everyone is too!


1. We have started time outs (I will do another post on that this week) by setting up the pack n' play in our bedroom. Josh's biggest offense is being too rough with Emma (biting or pulling hair) and spitting out his milk. Emma's biggest offense is getting into things when I ask her not to (like the glass part of the entertainment center)

2. They are so interactive. If I ask them what a train says, they say "choo, choo." They also can point to their head, hair, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hands, legs, belly, feet, toes and even their heart.

3. They have started to say "poo" to let me know they have went to the bathroom. Or sometimes they just say it. A lot.


1. She is now trying to say the second syllable of words. Before, milk was just "mil" and "book" was "buh" but now she will say "mil" and then a second later she says "ka."

2. I always talk about how much she loves her baby but its went to a new level. She loves to try to feed her food and she is always giving her some of her sippy cup. And now we have to check her diaper (although she doesn't have a diaper but whatever...) when we are changing diapers to check for poo.


1. He has such a cute sense of humor and thinks a lot of things are really funny. The other day, I told Emma she had stinky feet while holding my noise and saying "pee-uuu" and he could not stop laughing every time I did it. He also kept grabbing his own nose and trying to make the same noise.

2. I have a necklace that is silver and it has two peas in a pod on it. The other day, Josh pointed at it and said "peas" I said "yes, you and Emma are my peas" He looked at me, pointed at Emma and said "pea." I just about died from the cuteness.


The Lane Family said...

They just get cuter and cuter and smarter and smarter...I love how Emma is feeding her babies and checking diapers.

That is so funny about Josh and your necklace:) They are just amazing!!