Thursday, June 30, 2011


Another week has went by! Our office is closed from tomorrow until Tuesday, so I have 4 days off work. Which means I have 4 days to spend with Emma and Josh- makes for a happy mama!


1. I can't believe how many words I hear them saying. I really want to write them all down but I know I will miss some. Its easily over 50 and some of the new ones this week are "cupcake," "robot," and "drum." And they say "more" "please" and "milk" all the time. I would say that Josh talks more than Emma but neither of them are talking all the time yet. Just words here and there.


1. She loves her Fisher Price tea set and carries it around and tries to pour tea for just about everyone including me, Josh, her baby and the big stuffed bear


1. He loves when I pretend to rough him up and tickle him or wrestle with him. He literally squeals with laughter and rolls around.


The Lane Family said...

First off Shannon..those outfits are ADORABLE!! They look so cute in them.

I also love the candid shots of Emma and Josh.. It is so fun to hear that they are talking more and learning new is amazing how they change and learn and grow!!

It is fun to hear what they like to also shows that kids can be raised the same but they gravitate to what they like..MIss Emma her tea set, dolls etc and Josh loves the wrestling and more things like that!!

Have a wonderful 4th and enjoy your 4 days off.

flojat said...

Just popping in to tell you how beautiful your children are. :-)