Thursday, July 7, 2011


The past week has been nice. We had a nice 4th of July weekend and went to my sister's for a picnic. We also took Emma and Josh to a couple playgrounds to play and they spent a lot of time using their new water table.


1. She likes to organize things. When she is eating, she will put similar pieces of food together, like all of the cheese. She does the same with her toys, she likes to line up blocks or organize all of the same toys together.


1. He thinks its funny to pinch people, which is so crazy! So he will touch your arm and then check your reaction. And then he will pinch and check your reaction again! I have started taking his hand and placing it on my arm and then say "touch nice, nice." Now he will come up, pinch my arm and say "nice" Ugh, baby steps I guess!

My sister and brother in law with Emma and Josh


Anonymous said...

They are really growing!!! Hope you all are doing well.

The Lane Family said...

I am sorry but the part about Josh and his pinching made me laugh..because it sounds kind of familiar!!!

I also like how Miss Emma is into cute and so fun to watch!!

It sounds like they had a great 4th and lots of fun!!!