Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am so excited, two more days and then I am off for an entire week, woohoo!


1. They love to brush their teeth. By this, I mean they love to stand at the sink and say "tee, tee" until I hand them the toothbrush. Then they proceed to walk around with the toothbrush and brush anything that might or might not have teeth.

2. They have started trying to use a spoon. They will place the food on the spoon and then move it towards their mouth. They don't always get it in there but they are so proud when they do!


1. She is teaching herself to hop. She will stand there and then lift her heels, bend her knees and try to get up in the air while yelling "hop!"


1. He loves to help do things around the house. After they finish eating, he often grabs the broom to help sweeping. And I taught him how to pick weeds out of my flower bed (even though he prefers to pick the actual grass!) He will pick some and then look for the bucket I put weeds in, he knows right where they go.