Sunday, August 7, 2011

Communication And Discipline

These are two things that have been on my mind to blog about so I thought I would put them into one post.

A fun thing about Josh and Emma getting older is that we are able to communicate with them a bit more. And even cuter, they are able to communicate with one another. They will laugh and interact with one another and they understand the concept of sharing, not that they always do it. But if they want something from someone else, they often say "share" and then reach for it. Now to share something that they have? It happens but we still need to work on it.

They also ask for a lot of thing including the top ones which are milk, more, grapes, food and eat. Notice these all surround food? These kids love to eat!

Both can also tell you what they want to do like sit, up, outside, open and sleep. They will also tell you if something is hot or cold or if it hurts them. Its so cool to hear them express how they feel.

With all these feelings, however, comes a lot of emotion and acting out. Currently, the two biggest offenses in our house are throwing things and getting into stuff. Both Emma and Josh love to throw food and toys and it drives me crazy! And then its nearly impossible to keep them out of places so if you turn your back for a second, they have opened and completely emptied the drawer under the entertainment center. I've tried to child-proof most things but anything that isn't, they find a way to get into.

To handle these offenses, we are using a time out system similar to the one in the book "1-2-3 Magic" I really liked the book and found that it fit with how I'd like to parent my children. Our time out spot is in a pack n' play, which we place in our room. Josh is our biggest time out offender but to be fair, Emma spends her share of time in the pack n' play, too. My biggest challenge is disciplining two children of the same age, at the same time. If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears.

I know that discipline is probably one of the hardest challenges of being a parent so Dan and I are just learning as we go. I think we both just want to remember that Emma and Josh are just children and its our job to teach them and show them the correct way to act. So with many deep breaths (and sometimes a glass of wine after they go to bed) I think we will eventually get there!


mtendere said...

We love 1-2-3 Magic around here. We've been putting it to good use and now Sprout often "counts" herself and it works well most of the time. I should think about using the pack and play. Right now we use a corner of the living room most of the time and I have to stand there to keep her in place.