Thursday, August 18, 2011



1. They love to play "house" which consists of Dan or me laying on the floor and putting a blanket over ourselves and then putting our legs up in the air. They lift up the flaps of the blanket and yell "house" and then climb in. I don't know how we started doing this but they love it.

2. If you ask either of them "how do you go poop?" they will scrunch up their face and grunt. Its so funny!


1. She is back into her "Mommy can't leave the room or I scream like a crazy person" phase. This makes it hard for me to leave a few minutes early for work because she is screaming for me. So although sometimes I do have to leave or not hold her because I need to cook dinner, I am trying to look at the bright side and enjoy the fact that her favorite place to be right now is nestled on my hip.


1. He is obsessed with picking up sticks, leaves and flowers from outside and then carrying every single on of them around. The other night, he had 10 sticks, 6 flowers and 2 leaves- all pressed into his little hands! We have piles of them in front of the door that I clean up every couple days because I make him leave the stuff there when he comes inside.


The Lane Family said...

The "house" game is so fun!!! I hope you get some video of it so you can look back and smile :)

I love how you are taking the approach of treasuring the moments with your daughter because you are right at some point they will not want to snuggle anymore!!

I think Josh and my little girl Kaylee would be GREAT friends because she too enjoys gathering all kinds of things from outside and tries to find ways to bring her items in as well :) SO fun!!

Michael said...

Your son is cute, he is a smart boy.
I have a son too and we love playing outside, we bond each other. Thanks