Thursday, August 11, 2011


Emma and Josh have really been fun this week. Less temper tantrums and whining and more laughing and being silly. They've been "two peas in a pod" all week so my TIDWTFT will be all about both of them together.


1. They are constantly looking for each other if one is not in the room. If I take Emma to get a diaper change, I can hear Josh in the other room saying "Em! Em!"

2. They like to leave a room so that they can wave and say "bye, bye!" a million times. So if we sit in the living room, they will leave to walk down the hall and make sure we see them so they can wave, blow kisses and then run down the hall.

3. They like to try to make one another laugh. Josh will try to get Emma's attention when he is doing something silly and vice versa. They also copy each others' actions and sounds.


osuraj said...

They look like they are doing great and are so lucky to have each other. Enjoy the rest of this summer.

The Lane Family said...

That is one of the things I LOVE about twins is that they are the best of friends and they do the funnest things when they are playing together!!

The picture of the two of them in those adorable chairs are just so cute!!!

I like how Josh calls his sister "EM" so cute!!