Thursday, August 25, 2011


Another week, another post.


1. They have started to hold hands. Josh will look at Emma and say "hand" and she will stick hers out and he will grab it, its so cute.

2. In the morning, they want to sit together in Josh's crib while I pick out their clothes. They laugh and "talk" about milk, grapes and eating.


1. I have such a hard time getting him into the car when I pick him up after work. He wants to stay and play and pick up sticks. Once he is in the car, he is fine but getting him there is a real challenge


1. With her, I have such a hard time getting her dressed in the morning. The minute I pick her her clothes, she is on the move yelling "No!" but laughing. I have to chase her down and then struggle to get her outfit on, it takes forever.