Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harvest Day

Our city had a "Harvest Day" today where they had food, pumpkins, tractors and a cow. Since Emma and Josh are huge fans of those things, we decided to go! All of us had fun and Emma and Josh even got to try their first hot pretzel, which they loved. They also liked the DJ playing music and even danced with a bunch of the kids. They also both tried to eat grass right off the ground because, well they saw the cow eating grass of course. I put an end to that pretty quick!

Dancing to the DJ

Watching the cow

Emma relaxing on a bench

Josh obviously mesmerized by the tractors

Dan and Emma

Me and Josh


The Lane Family said...

What a FUN day!!! I love fall and all it brings with it.

The story about trying to eat the grass just made me laugh..they think of some great things!!