Thursday, September 1, 2011



1. When Emma or Josh want to do something, their new thing to say is "turn!" If Dan is spinning Emma around, Josh will follow them around and say "turn, turn" until he puts her down and picks him up.

2. They have started using forks and they love them. They do call them "porks" but as as soon as they sit down, they both ask for them.


1. My sister and her husband, Paul came to visit this week. Emma and Josh don't see Paul too often because of his work schedule but after Paul was in the house for only a few minutes, Josh looked at him and said "Paul" It was so cute!


1. She has started feeding, giving milk, checking for poop and brushing teeth of just about every toy and stuffed animal we have in the house. It used to just be her baby doll but this week, I caught her brushing the teeth on a penguin toy and turning over the big stuffed bear and sniffing it while saying "poop" She is such a little mama!


The Lane Family said...

I think it is so funny how quickly they worry about things such as "poop" and how worried and concerned they become about it!!!